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Meghan Markle sends her thanks and personally calls fan for charity work

Meghan Markle has sent her thanks and personally called a fan after they set up a campaign to raise funds in the duchess’ name for a charity which works to educate girls in rural Africa.

The Duchess of Sussex, 39, who is currently living in LA with Prince Harry, 35, and their son Archie, one, expressed her gratitude to the admirer after their social media effort, titled #InspiredByMeghan, saw $80,000 donations made to CAMFED. 

Meghan is a passionate advocate of the work of charity CAMFED – the Campaign for Female Education – which believes one of the best ways to alleviate poverty and inequality is through education.

Twitter user @freepeeper, who appears to be from America, shared the exciting news with their 8,000 followers, writing: ‘Omg! Meghan called me! I spoke to Meghan yesterday.’

She recalled: ‘First, I heard from Harry & Meghan’s team. They contacted me to thank supporters for the @Camfed birthday fundraiser. It was so thoughtful. Their representative was lovely.

‘I was excited we’d made it onto their radar. That was enough for me. Then… Meghan called yesterday! She said their team heard about the fundraiser and flagged it for her. 

‘She and Harry were very touched. She asked me to pass on a big “Thank you” to everyone,’ the social media user said.

‘I told her that they have a lot of support out there. She thanked me. She said she felt it. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to tell her that their humanitarian work informed and inspired our fundraisers. 

‘She asked how much we’d raised, and I told her close to $80k (latest update). She said that was amazing. She was so gracious and humble. 

‘Guys, she was delightful, kind, super-sweet. We spoke for about seven to eight minutes. It seemed much shorter though. There was so much more I wanted to say, but this wasn’t that type of call. 

‘She was engaging, the kind of person you talk to for hours and time escapes you. But the purpose of her call, and she said this a couple times, was to express gratitude to all of YOU for supporting them, for the fundraisers, and for your birthday wishes.

‘So, this is me delivering the message, as promised. From Meghan, to all of the supporters, donors, well wishers, “Thank you.”’

The call comes after the Luminary Bakery – which has long been supported by Meghan – launched a bake along with CAMFED and raffle to mark the royal’s birthday. 

Meghan made several visits to the organisation while living in the UK, and promoted their work in her September issue of Vogue last year.   

Posting a picture of the duchess on Instagram, Luminary Bakery wrote they were partnering with CAMFED to mark the Duchess’ birthday. 

The bakery said: ‘To celebrate, one of our Luminary grads, Monica who is based in London, will be joining Tisiyenji, in Zambia to bake cakes “together” from across the globe to honour The Duchess of Sussex’s birthday & celebrate ALL women with through their beautiful bakes.’

The cake baked by Monica is now being raffled off, with the organisation asking royal fans for donations of £10 to be entered into the draw. 

They explained: ‘Today, we’re partnering with @Camfed to celebrate #WomenEmpoweringWomen and say a Happy Birthday Meghan, who has championed the work of both our organisations!’ 

The two charities featured are all close to the Duchess’ heart, and she has made her support clear by visiting them during her time as a working royal. 

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