Meghan Markle is pursuing a ‘rival’ career, while Kate ‘dresses to impress.’


Meghan Markle is pursuing a ‘rival’ career, while Kate ‘dresses to impress.’

A critic believes that Meghan Markle and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, are locked in a dress war.

The Duchess of Cambridge impressed viewers with a gorgeous gold cape dress at the James Bond premiere on Tuesday night, and many compared her attire to Princess Diana’s glittering metallic dress at a Bond premiere in 1985.

Kate’s stunning ensemble comes after the Duchess was spotted playing tennis doubles with Emma Raducanu in gym gear.

But, according to Dr. Tessa Dunlop, the fact that we had “sporty Kate and Bond girl Kate” in the same week Meghan Markle and Prince Harry completed a short tour of New York was no accident.

Meghan’s outfit choices, according to Dr. Dunlop, were more “conservative in comparison to Kate’s.”

Meghan was seen wearing a Christian Dior Lady D-lite purse during their brief trip to New York, which was named after none other than the late Princess of Wales.

At the Global Citizen Live event, the Duchess of Sussex was also photographed wearing a Cartier Tank watch.

Dr. Dunlop claimed in Mail+ that this watch was the same one given to Princess Diana on her 21st birthday.

“While Kate portrays herself as a queen-in-waiting, Meghan is making it clear that she is following a distinct (rival?) path, one shaped by the ultimate royal outsider, Diana,” Dr. Dunlop stated.

“You may scoff at the notion of clothing and accessories wielding such power, but keep in mind that the historical precedent was set long before.”

As all three left the “royal box,” Dr. Dunlop compared Meghan to Wallis Simpson and her late mother-in-law.

“Like Wallis and Diana before her, Meghan is no longer in the royal box and unlikely to wear a golden gown (or a risqué lobster), but we can expect to see a lot more of her and her clothing in the future,” she said.

“If, like Diana, Meghan plans to ‘do good’ without an HRH title, unlike Diana – who was victimized by the press – she is hell-bent on controlling her image,” the royal expert stated.

“The paparazzi can return to their box, and if Britain doesn’t like that, well, that’s their problem.”

“Meghan is a global celebrity who makes the decisions.”

“It’s no surprise that Kate resorted to Bond-style, gold-plated armoury back in the UK – the aim was ‘dress to impress,’ and she didn’t.”


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