Meghan Markle is keeping Princess Diana’s legacy alive by paying frequent tributes to the royal family.


MEGHAN MARKLE has been praised for keeping Princess Diana’s legacy alive by wearing “a lot of her jewellery”.

Meghan Markle, 40, has been seen at multiple events wearing Princess Diana’s watch as well as other precious pieces at special events. Royal author Elizabeth Holmes explained the Duchess of Sussex’s choice of jewellery pays homage to her husband’s mother. Speaking to Us Weekly’s Royally Us podcast, said: “I love when we see either Kate or Meghan pay homage to Diana with a subtle moment with fashion or something that’s in your face.

“Meghan wears a lot of Diana’s jewellery which I think is such a beautiful thing.

“Kate at the James Bond premiere, that dress was just an undeniably nod to Diana’s dress at the James Bond premiere in the 1980s.

“I love that and I think not only is it just honouring Diana with her fashion but it’s a way to keep Diana in the conversation.

“Think about the ways in which the press reports on that such as Meghan wearing Diana’s watch and a picture is resurfaced.

“It keeps her legacy alive and I think that’s a really wonderful thing for Kate and Meghan to do.”

Her comments come as Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, made an unnoticed change to her world-famous engagement ring from Prince William, according to reports.

The Duchess had to have the ring which was previously owned by Diana altered due to it being too large.

But royal fans are unable to stop the subtle change to Kate’s ring.

Instead of having to resize the band, the Duchess had platinum beads added to help it fit.

The List’s Melissa Willets said: “It is pretty much impossible to imagine the world-famous, 12-carat, sapphire engagement ring Prince William gave to Kate Middleton needing to be altered in any way.

“After all, the giant oval-shaped ring features 14 sparkly diamonds in a halo, and boasts an impressive pedigree, having once belonged to Princess Diana.

“But the engagement ring would never work for her the way it was when Diana owned it, and there’s a totally understandable reason why Kate had to change something about the seemingly perfect piece of jewelry William gave her upon their betrothal.


“As Hello! reported, the band of the ring formerly worn by Princess Diana was a bit too big for the slender Kate, with jeweler G. Collins. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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