Meghan Markle has been warned by Jennie Bond about her’massively expensive’ spending.


Meghan Markle has been warned by Jennie Bond about her’massively expensive’ spending.

According to newly discovered records, experienced royal writer JENNIE BOND earlier warned Meghan Markle about her “massively lavish” spending, saying that the people “disliked it.”

Bond is best recognized for his 26-year stint as the BBC’s royal correspondent. She’s gone into great detail about how stressful her work was, including having to be near a phone at all times in case something happened or was announced at the Palace. After retiring from her full-time employment, Bond was able to let off the accelerator pedal in her latter years.

She’s since featured on shows like ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!’ and this tonight, she’ll take on the wall in ‘Tipping Point: Lucky Stars,’ in the hopes of winning a cash prize for a charity of her choice.

Bond has an unrivaled insight of the Firm’s inner workings, thanks to her decades of royal expertise.

For many, Meghan Markle’s official entrance into the Royal Family in 2018 signaled the start of a new era, similar to Princess Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles in 1981.

The former actress was expected to help modernize the royal family and move it into the twenty-first century, according to royal watchers.

Bond, on the other hand, became extremely conscious of how Meghan’s actions may be perceived by the general public.

In an interview with Yahoo!Life in 2019, she warned the Duchess of Sussex about her “massively excessive” spending.

“What I believe Meghan has to be wary about is that she’s basically an A-list celebrity as well as a senior royal,” she remarked.

“I get the impression that the public isn’t fond of her lavish spending.”

:”Being expensive, tremendously extravagant, she can afford it because she is a wealthy woman, but it doesn’t play well, so I think she should simply watch.”

Much was made at the time about Meghan’s expensive attire, which cost more than half a million pounds, according to The Mail.

“Meghan’s clothes totaled more than an estimated £110,000 during her three-day visit of Morocco with Harry in February 2019,” according to the tabloid, “due to a kaftan-style Dior gown believed to be worth as much as £90,000.”

“I think I’d advise Meghan, propose to her that she tries not to play,” Bond said, offering Meghan some advice. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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