Meghan Markle has been asked to “put pen to paper” in order to adequately express “her side of the tale.”


Meghan Markle has been asked to “put pen to paper” in order to adequately express “her side of the tale.”

According to a royal expert, the publisher of Meghan Markle’s children’s book, The Bench, has asked her to “put pen to paper” once more.

After a rocky year for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the move would allow her to “get her side of the story out.” “The Bench,” a children’s book written by the Duchess of Sussex, became a bestseller within a week of its release. The book was inspired by a poem written by the Duchess for her husband and turned into a picture book.

“It’s intriguing because, as we know, there’s not just going to be a Tom Bower book next year, but there’s going to be a multitude of books all chronicling the former royal’s early life and up to day hijinks,” Mr Sean remarked.

“Her own publisher, who assisted in the production of that book, The Bench, a New York Times bestseller, is recommending that now is a good moment for her to write one.”

“Now, first and foremost, here’s what we can tell you here on the show. This isn’t going to be your typical biography because everyone knows it’ll be far too difficult.

“I’m sure there are some things she can’t talk about, like the ongoing battles with the tabloids, the rift with the Father, and, of course, the half-sister, you get the picture.”

“What they do believe would make a very good and sellable book would be one on a graphical level,” he continued.

“Basically, there are a lot of photographs with memories shared, two or three phrases, at most a couple of pages.”

“Meghan is given the opportunity to tell her side of the tale in a more lighthearted, sweeter, and succinct manner.

“You have to applaud Penguin Random House’s press and marketing teams, because given the books that are coming out, and given the recent lapse in memory, who is actually going to believe any of these tales?”

“I, for one, believe it would be a fascinating read. And, of course, it’s a quick way for them to reclaim some of their massive lead, given the fact that Megan’s film The Bench didn’t do so well, particularly in Europe.

“It’s also a really trying time for her because if this picture affair doesn’t take off, it may spell the end of Megan’s publishing career.”

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