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Meghan Markle dress meaning: The comforting message Meghan sent fans with final UK outfit

MEGHAN MARKLE has completed her final engagement as a senior member of the Royal Family spelling the end of an era. While many are sorry to see her go she sent a comforting message to fans with one of her last UK outfit choices.

Meghan Markle, 38, and Prince Harry, 35, have reunited in Canada having completed a string of final royal engagements in the UK. From March 31 they will relinquish their royal status and embark on a life outside of the Royal Family. While fans will miss Meghan’s presence on the royal scene, she sent a secret message to her following with a carefully considered outfit choice.

Ahead of the Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey on Monday Meghan met a group of young scholars from the across the Commonwealth at Buckingham Palace.

Following Meghan and Harry’s withdrawal from royal life, they will continue to honour their patronages and keep up their support for a string of important organisations.

Meghan attended Monday’s meeting in her capacity as patron of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) – a role she took over from the Queen in January 2019.

There she met students from the 54 Commonwealth countries including Malawi, India, Cameroon, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ghana, Rwanda, Kenya, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

She chatted with the talented youngsters about important Commonwealth issues and was captured enjoying some lively discussions.

As Meghan and Harry step away from the royal bubble they will continue to honour their ties to the Commonwealth.

Their decision to set up base in Commonwealth country Canada as opposed to Meghan’s native USA seems to signal their dedication to the body of nations.

Meghan’s dress at the event was also a sweet nod to the Commonwealth.

The black cravat-neck gown she wore was by Australian designer Scanlan Theodore and seemed to suggest her loyalty to the Commonwealth.

While Meghan and Harry will spend most of their time in North America in future they are expected to maintain their UK ties.

As the couple work to establish themselves outside the Royal Family they may look to their Commonwealth connections more than ever.

A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said Meghan ”was thrilled to have the chance to meet inspirational scholars doing ground-breaking work in the fields of climate and the environment, sustainable cities, health and innovation and technology.”

They added: “As a university graduate who also benefitted from attending with support from a scholarship, The Duchess of Sussex is a strong advocate of accessible education for all.”

Britain is a practical base for members of the Commonwealth to unite and Meghan may keep returning to the UK to honour her ties with the ACU.

Following the meeting, Secretary-General of the ACU Joanna Newman said: “We believe that higher education and universities are an essential part of nation-building and we want to build up healthy, strong, higher education systems across the Commonwealth and beyond.

“The Duchess really understands that and she’s a very powerful spokesperson for us.”

Meghan looked stunning in an emerald green cape dress as she stepped out among senior royals for her final official engagement.

A body language expert claimed the Duchess was channelling her superhero side as she stood tall during the service.

Analysing photos of the event, energy reader Alison Ward said: “Meghan stands out in her emerald green dress and cape.

“She is her own superhero as she has initiated the flight of freedom with Harry to Canada.

“There is an energy of defiance and grace about her, she is one clever lady.”

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