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Meghan Markle Blamed For ‘Seeking Attention’ After Royal Family Notes Her Birthday

On Tuesday, Meghan Markle turned 39 years old. While the Duchess of Sussex may be focused on celebrating with Prince Harry and their son Archie, Twitter is at war over the special occasion.

Fans of the former “Suits” star began to defend the actress after others accused her of “seeking attention” on her birthday. The accusations began after the British royal family tweeted about the special day.

The account shared a photo of Meghan smiling next to Queen Elizabeth. “Wishing The Duchess of Sussex a very happy birthday!” the caption read.

One spectator thought the well-wishes from the royal family’s Twitter account contradicted Meghan and Harry’s plan to live out of the spotlight. “I thought she wanted to live a private life? Just kidding! We all know she LOVES attention,” the person tweeted.

Meanwhile, a different individual defended Meghan from the ongoing criticism. “It’s funny how Meghan still gets blamed for ‘seeking attention’ for a birthday greeting that The Royal Family officially posted,” one fan wrote.

In response to the tweet, one person wrote, “Isn’t it just! Her detractors just can’t see how their hate’s become second nature. A reflex. They automatically blame & hate her for everything! Shows how hateful their minds naturally are when all they see & feel is hate. Anyway, Happy Birthday to the fabulous, lovely Meghan!”

Elsewhere, one person appeared to suggest that it was inappropriate for the Royal Family to acknowledge Meghan’s birthday because she stepped down from her senior role. 

“MM is no longer a working member of RF. She was not loyal to the BRF. What about Princess Beatrice and Eugenie?  I never saw birthday wishes to them on your feed. This is so unfair to the Princesses and other loyal members of RF,” the individual wrote.

Meghan also received birthday wishes from Prince William and Kate Middleton as well as Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

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