Meghan Markle Being pregnant: Are Duchess’ Towering Heels Nonetheless Protected For Her? [PHOTOS]

Meghan Markle is fond of wearing towering heels, but some are worried because the duchess is heavily pregnant.

The Duchess of Sussex is now into her third trimester, but she shows no sign of slowing down. Markle is still very visible in various royal occasions and she always pairs her gorgeous outfits with high heels.

In the photos shared by Daily Mail, Prince Harry’s wife is seen wearing towering heels at various engagements. When the pregnant royal joined her husband at the Wembley Arena climate change event where he gave a speech, she dressed down with a blue blazer and black pants but wore a pair of pumps from Manolos. Should fans be concerned about Markle’s footwear?

Some doctors warn pregnant women against high heels because the last thing pregnant women want is an unexpected fall.  When a woman is pregnant her body change due to pregnancy hormones, her ligaments are softer and the body is not in its usual state of alignment.

“But Meghan is clearly comfortable in her heels, and it’s something she is used to. My advice to any woman who does wear high heels in pregnancy would be not to wear them past the level of comfort,” midwife Claire Chaubert said of the Duchess of Sussex.

The expert added that Markle’s yoga practice has something to do with this. Prince Harry’s wife is well-versed in the benefits of yoga to the body and mind.

“People who do quite a lot of yoga tend to have a much stronger sense of balance, as well as better muscle control and strength,” she added.

According to John Thoppil, MD, assistant clinical professor of OB-GYN at Texas A&M University College of Medicine, being a yoga enthusiast also explains Markle’s high and large baby bump because she has strong abdominal muscles. When one has lax muscles due to previous pregnancies or decreased fitness, the mother tends to carry her bump low.

In related news, many are wondering if Queen Elizabeth II secretly resents Prince Harry for marrying a half-black American. The majority don’t think so because the Queen and the pregnant duchess have a good relationship. Also, as sixth-in-line to the throne, Prince Harry asked for the Queen’s permission to marry Markle and she apparently said “yes” to her grandson.