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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry beef up security at Canada home amid cost concerns

MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry have beefed up the security at their current home in Canada, it has been claimed.

Meghan and Harry have added more security cameras, tarp, fences and warnings around the property they are currently staying, TMZ has claimed. Pictures obtained by the American news outlet show a gate, believed to be the entrance to the Duke and Duchess’ Canadian hideaway, covered in white tarp, protecting them from the curiosity of people who could walk by outside of the property. 

TMZ also claimed there are new cameras and fences installed along the perimeter of the property and many black and red signs reading “private property – no trespassing”.

The signs have a handwritten note added at the bottom, reading “Thank you!”.

Buckingham Palace told it won’t comment on security arrangements. 

The claim comes after a poll carried out on January 29 by Nanos Research revealed the majority of Canadians don’t want to pay for the security of the Sussexes. 

As many as 77 percent of those surveyed by Nanos Research pollster on January 29 answered “no” to the question “should Canadian taxpayers pay for the security of Harry and Meghan?”

Out of the 1,003 Canadians polled, either in person or via phone calls, only 23 percent answered “yes”.

Meghan and Harry spent six weeks in Canada between mid-November and January to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas far from the public eye with the Duchess’ mother Doria Ragland.

The pair returned to the UK in early January, when they carried out their first, and so far only, joint royal engagement of 2020.

Meghan and Harry visited Canada House to thank the High Commissioner to the UK and her staff for the warmth and hospitality they received.

On the same day, the Sussexes also privately visited the Hubb Community Kitchen, a community Meghan has worked with in 2018.

The following day, at 6.30pm, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex released a bombshell statement on Instagram, where they stated their intention to step back as senior royals.

The day after, Meghan returned to Canada, where the couple had left their son Archie Harrison.

Prince Harry remained in the UK until January 20, to discuss the terms of the Sussexes’ exit, carry out a solo engagement at Buckingham Palace and meet four heads of state at the UK-Africa Investment Summit.

As announced on January 18 by Buckingham Palace, Meghan and Harry agreed to relinquish the use of their HRH titles and stop carrying out royal duties on behalf of the Queen. 

In turn, the couple gained the freedom to live abroad, become financially independent and pursue private ventures.

The royals expressed their struggles and worries over living under constant media attention in an ITV documentary aired in October last year, Harry & Meghan: An African Journey.

However, according to a royal expert, Meghan and Harry’s groundbreaking decision to move to Canada may not grant greater privacy.

Canadian royal expert Patricia Treble wrote in a column for news website Maclean’s: “The Sussexes may end up with less privacy than they had as full-time working members of the most famous family in the world. 

“They will never be ordinary citizens living regular lives—that possibility slammed shut when billions watched them get married in a grand royal wedding at Windsor Castle.

“Harry and Meghan have thrown the dice, gambling that the initial flurry of attention will fade, allowing them to forge a high-profile path through the commercial and philanthropic worlds while also controlling how much information is released about their most private moments.

“If their bet doesn’t pay off, will they manage to live happily ever after?”    

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