Meghan is in desperate need of a sense of humour, according to JENNIFER SELWAY.


Meghan is in desperate need of a sense of humour, according to JENNIFER SELWAY.

WHEN THE EDITOR ASKED ME FOR MY THOUGHTS ON WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO BE 40, I told him that whatever I said would be from the realms of imagination because I was only 29. He laughed and replied, “Very funny.” “Byee”.

That’s what we do as women: we make age-related jokes before everyone else. Always start with the jokes. As it happens, I have vivid memories of my 40th birthday. The midwife took a quick look at my notes. During my umpteenth antenatal appointment, she said gently, “Forty today!” “At the very least, this isn’t your first child.” “No, third,” I responded irritably, unsure of what she was referring to.

Having a baby at 40 is now typical, but there was still some stigma attached to “older mothers” back then. I should point out that the child in question is now 27 years old. You’re the one who does the arithmetic.

On the plus side, it was still a time when pregnant ladies were referred to as such. Not “pregnant women.” The 1990s weren’t entirely horrible.

I slid my flowery pregnancy gown over my massive belly and sighed as I examined my swollen ankles. I’d passed the stage of flowering. I was obese, irritable, and exhausted all of the time. Worse, I was 40 years old.

I also wouldn’t be able to celebrate this monster birthday because I wasn’t allowed to consume booze. I’d want to claim I celebrated my 40th birthday in the Cotswolds in the same way Kate Moss did, with 100 hours of intense partying. But I have no recollection of doing anything to commemorate this momentous day. In 1974, Brigitte Bardot celebrated her 40th birthday with a nudist photoshoot for Playboy magazine. That, too, was not available.

Meghan is far too pious for such silliness, but she appeared to be in world-conquering mode in her lovely little home movie for her 40th birthday. There isn’t a single hair out of place. But she’s just had a baby, so she’s probably exhausted and wearing breast pads while hallucinating. After all, she is only human. I believe.

And 40 gives you pause for reflection no matter who you are. Overnight, you go from “hot” to “not.”

At 39, you may vehemently object to oafs on the street greeting you with a wolf whistle. If they don’t, you’ll be depressed at 40. You’re a. “Brinkwire Summary News” at 39.


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