Meghan and Harry’s Netflix appeal is in jeopardy when the “novelty of royals” wears off.


Meghan and Harry’s Netflix appeal is in jeopardy when the “novelty of royals” wears off.

A critic said that MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry will have to wow Netflix and Spotify with outstanding content before the streaming giants tire of the “novelty” of having a Duke and Duchess among their ranks.

Meghan and Harry are reportedly under pressure from Netflix and Spotify to “deliver the goods” as part of their contracts. They struck an agreement with Netflix about a year ago, which is expected to be valued up to $150 million (£109 million). However, the couple has only announced two series, titled “Heart of Invictus” and “Pearl,” and has yet to produce any content.

The same can be said for Spotify, which was hired with a $50 million (£36 million) contract but has only recorded and released one episode of their Archewell Audio series, in which other celebrities recount their lockdown experiences.

Now, a critic has cautioned that the couple must please companies like Netflix and Spotify, or their “novelty” as royals may “wear off” on the big CEOs.

While establishing TV series and podcasts takes time, “the clock is ticking for Harry and Meghan to prove they are worth such enormous sums of money,” according to Daniela Elser of

She compared herself to other celebrities who have signed deals with streaming companies, such as Shonda Rhimes and Barack and Michelle Obama.

It took them 11 months to announce their first slate of seven projects for the corporation after signing their contracts.

Meghan and Harry celebrated their 11-month anniversary earlier this month, but there was no public announcement.

“When the Sussexes do start unveiling their slate of TV and podcasting projects, they will only have one shot; that is, one chance to dazzle audiences and make their imprint, whether in terms of steaming stats or critical acclaim,” Ms Elser wrote.

“Will their contracts be renewed when the novelty and glamour of working with members of the royal family wears off, if they don’t have streaming counts or a slew of prizes to show for themselves?” In essence, they will have a limited time to demonstrate that they are worth the hundreds of millions of dollars that have been staked on them by corporate behemoths.


“There’s no need for any pressure right now.

“The truth is, even billion-dollar corporations can’t afford to keep pouring money into two extremely well-known contractors.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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