Meghan and Harry’s followers are enraged by new leaks: ‘It’s such a letdown!’


Meghan and Harry’s followers are enraged by new leaks: ‘It’s such a letdown!’

New claims of leaks from the Royal Family to the press concerning the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have left MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry followers “disappointed.”

Members of the Firm, including William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, have played along with “the deal,” an unwritten agreement with the media to provide access to information in exchange for favorable coverage, according to a new BBC documentary exploring Prince Harry and Prince William’s troubled relationship with the British press. According to a royal specialist, this system has resulted in “an awful amount of leaking.”

BBC Media Editor Amol Rayan lays out the formula that makes a substantial part of royal coverage feasible – “the bargain” – at the outset of the first episode of The Princes and the Press, which broadcast on Monday.

“The royals get to live in palaces,” he continues, “and as long as they give the journalists access, they get favorable coverage.”

“One prince chooses to play the game, while the other tries to change the laws of the game,” he continues.

The first is Prince William, and the second is Prince Harry, according to reports.

Courtiers may have leaked unflattering reports about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, according to the episode.

“They can deny it until they’re blue in the face,” Robert Jobson, author of William at 40, told Australia’s Sunrise, “but there’s been an awful lot of leakage particularly from Kensington Palace.”

Supporters of the Sussexes, who left the Firm last year and relocated to the United States, have turned to Twitter to defend the pair and express their displeasure.

“So horribly upsetting, especially with William!” exclaimed Chykim Sanders.

He was alright as long as Harry was the obnoxious third wheel and spare!”

He grows jealous and turns against Harry as soon as he finds someone he loves and is happy and doing amazing work in that horrible country!”

“It’s really disheartening to witness William’s evil side!” Bonnie TP wrote.

“The truth is now being stated out loud to the British public who’ve been fed falsehoods upon lies about Meghan and Harry from Kensington Palace to the UK media,” one person said under the handle @mysrev.

There has been a lot of leakage, especially from Kensington Palace.

Jobson, Robert

“The old adage of ‘what’s done is done,” Theresa remarked. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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