Meet the pug and tortoise who have become unlikely friends.


Meet the pug and tortoise who have become unlikely friends.

The fable of The Fox and the Hound is well-known, but what about a tortoise and a pug becoming friends?

As owner Paul Carroll of Litherland in Liverpool discovered, Paddy the dog and Torty the Siberian tortoise can get along swimmingly. Torty’s original owner couldn’t afford to take her pet with her when she moved house two years ago, so the unusual animal duo was born.

Paul, a neighbor, wanted to adopt the reptile, but he was concerned about how Paddy, 13, would respond to their new companion.

To begin with, his pug was described as “a little lairy,” but he quickly got enamored with the tortoise, jumping up on the couch and staring at it for hours.

The 41-year-old introduced the pets gradually so that they would become accustomed to each other. He did not want them to be afraid of each other.

Paul claims that the two are now “no hassle at all,” and that he feels comfortable leaving them together all night.

To explore how Paddy might respond to Torty up close, Paul placed his tiny companion next to the sleeping canine, resulting in photographs of a puzzled pug.

“If the tortoise is around somewhere, Paddy will find Torty and they’ll just play,” Paul said of his pets’ odd connection.

After a disagreement over a bionic tortoise, Noel Fitzpatrick’s career was jeopardized. “When I say play, I mean the tortoise will look at him and Paddy will jump all around (Torty).” It’s unclear whether the tortoise is male or female, but Paul does know that his pets enjoy playing together for hours on end.

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