Meet the homing pigeons who may be on the verge of being homeless.


Meet the homing pigeons who may be on the verge of being homeless.

A court dispute has thrown a New Forest town into disarray. Are Alan Pidgley’s birds, on the other hand, raging destabilizers of rural tranquillity or cooing cuties? Our bird-obsessed columnist flies in to see what’s going on.

Coo-ee! I’m going to look for a pigeon. There are roughly 25 of them, and these aren’t just ordinary pigeons. These members of the Columba genus have been making news since their owner, Alan Pidgley, has lately been fined nearly £1,000 for the noise they create.

He has eight weeks to appeal the Southampton Magistrates Court verdict or the birds will be forfeited. And if they create a racket again, he faces another fine.

According to environmental health authorities, they were louder than “past jets,” which is a rather loud noise for any bird, especially one known for its cooing.

I have to see, or at the very least hear, these pigeons. I’m heading to the New Forest.

Now I’m a pigeon-obsessed young lady. My grandmother used to take me to Trafalgar Square when I was a kid, and pigeons not only alighted on me and my small pots of birdseed (which you can’t do anymore, unhappily), but one even disgraced itself on my jacket. I was frightened as a 10-year-old, but my grandmother told me that it was all in good fun.

My first movie was Mary Poppins, and I agree with Walt Disney that the best song in it was Feed The Birds, so I march up the walk to Alan’s house in Hordle, Hampshire, quietly confident.

That’s a lot of furry, feathery, and fin-bearing companions. Alan, I’m presuming, enjoys the creatures of the field? He says, “I’ve always been an animal lover.” “I grew up in the country, in the New Forest, and I understood everything there was to know about birds and wildlife.”

“Before phones, we boys got together to go for a walk in the woods. It was a natural occurrence. My Hindu wife, on the other hand, adores all animals. Her religion requires her to feed pigeons. “What happened had a big impact on her.” Alan learned of a man selling a flock of homing pigeons owing to ill health (his, not the pigeons’), bought them, and rehomed them in a coop on his property a few years ago. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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