Meet the family who lives in a house with eight Newfoundland dogs.


Meet the family who lives in a house with eight Newfoundland dogs.

A PET-LOVING FAMILY has described caring for their eight Newfoundland dogs as “hard labor,” but they “wouldn’t have it any other way” after realizing a childhood goal.

Emma Bone, a dog groomer and breeder, and her husband Mark, 40, live on a farm in Northumberland with their fluffy family. Wade, 10, Tate, four, and Zach, one, are the couple’s three boys, and their gang doesn’t stop at their loving pups.

“It’s hard to express what it’s like from an outside perspective because it’s so typical for us,” Emma, who has a YouTube channel called Living With Big Dogs, said.

“It’s likely that people believe we’re insane. We most likely are. But we choose this lifestyle and wouldn’t have it any other way.”

The family was recently featured in the Channel 4 program Big Dog Britain, but their pack has increased to eight dogs since filming.

Granny Bay is seven years old, Moonie is six, Dom, Flute, and Roo are all four years old, Monroe is three, Tuppence is two, and Kit is six months old. They also have two Sphynx cats and two Chow Chows.

When Emma was about 12 years old, she observed a couple of Newfies behind an iron gate and thought they looked like “big enormous teddy bears.”

She didn’t want a dog until she moved into her first house and had her oldest son.

“I did some research on the breed and discovered they’re fantastic with kids,” she said. I was excited about it because I had a two-year-old.

“I adore their lovely, peaceful demeanor and their presence. They’re amusing and odd. You may do things with them, such as go swimming because they enjoy being in the water.”

Dexter, the couple’s first Newfoundland, was adopted nine years ago.

“He had been badly bred and suffered from many health issues,” Emma explained.

“That led to my current position as a breeder.”

Emma studied the breed extensively, eventually showing, presenting, and handling her dogs at the Championship show level and eventually breeding her own dogs.

For over five years,

Emma is one of only a few licensed Newfie breeders in the UK, and she has been breeding Newfoundlands under the name Newfangled Newfoundlands for nearly five years.

“We extensively evaluate because Newfoundlands are prone to joint disorders and cardiac problems.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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