Meet the Afghani two-legged dog who now competes in cross-country races in the United Kingdom.


Meet the Afghani two-legged dog who now competes in cross-country races in the United Kingdom.

Meet the two-legged Afghani dog who now competes in cross-country events in the UK.

A TWO-LEGGED DOG rescued from Afghanistan now competes in cross-country events all over the United Kingdom.

Mazar, a 10-year-old hound, was adopted by Helene Svinos, who also has six other rescue dogs, a cat, and an abandoned rabbit. Inka, a blind dog found in a Romanian river at two weeks old, is one of three spaniels competing in CaniCross events.

CaniCross is an event in which runners and their dogs travel across the country in a campervan, covering distances ranging from 5k to half a marathon.

“Maz was discovered on the streets with horribly injured legs that had been mended and fused,” Helene, a Manchester A&E doctor, said.

“He’d been hit by a car and suffered rather terrible injuries, with his legs being crushed.

“He was able to scurry around as fast as lightning for around two years despite the fact that his legs were maintained in position and stood out forcefully in front of him without veterinarian aid. He had previous owners, we believe, but they left the country and he was kicked out.”

Surprisingly, the dog was able to find a local veterinarian who gave him the best possible care, including immunizations and keeping him fed and watered.

Maz, however, was transported to a shelter owing to a lack of funds, where he would receive rehabilitation to help him restore his legs.

“The surgery to remove both of his rear legs was a complete success, and he was back to normal and scuttling along within a few days, then came to live with me in May 2015,” Helene wrote.

“He’s a really wise man,” I say. He adores being in the city and, at the park, he resembles John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever. He likes to mingle and meet new people.”

Helene tried for five months to get Mazar to enhance his walking quality, but the nimble dog proved he could run just as fast without them.

“He doesn’t slip; he simply raises himself on his front legs and can really leg it when he wants to – if he had three legs, he’d never be allowed off lead,” she continued.


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