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Meet Australia’s youngest postie: Three-year-old boy rakes in VERY good pocket money as postman

The ‘sky’s the limit’ for a young entrepreneur reeling in cash after seeing a gap in the pamphlet delivery market.

Zaryis Loveridge, 3, of Pimpama, Queensland, has been a child model since he was six weeks old but now he has embarked on a lucrative side hustle as a postie.

The toddler delivers leaflets for businesses with his proud mum Keisha, 27, for a modest $20 per 200 flyers. 

The pair, joined by Zaryis’ 18-month-old brother Koah, started delivering pamphlets two weeks ago and business is already booming.

‘A guy posted online, in our community page, that he paid two kids to do a pamphlet drop in our suburb but they instead just took the money and dumped them,’ the mother of two said.

‘That’s how this started – we got in contact to say “we’ll help you out to be a postie for a day” and Zaryis loved it.

‘Koah claps in the pram along the way and loves watching his brother drop flyers.’

The young entrepreneur said he was saving his hard-earned cash which he wanted to splash on cheese, olives, anchovies and seafood – prawns and Moreton Bay bugs specifically.

Zaryis, who models for Culture Kings on the side, has since earned a total of $150 after being contacted by another company in real estate to deliver 750 flyers. 

Ms Loveridge, a stay-at-home mum, said her ‘little hustler’ aspired to be ‘a boss’ when he grew up.

‘The sky is the limit, honestly. Whatever he wants to go do he can do. He wants to be a boss,’ she said.

‘If he wants to be a postie or a dump truck driver – I say “go for it”.

‘He’s got a great amount of energy and exceptional people leadership skills. He’s a good little hustler’. 

Ms Loveridge, whose husband Dan works away ‘for months at a time’ as a FIFO worker, said the best part about delivering mail was the distraction. 

It has also helped her mental health as well as stay motivated and active throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

‘It keeps the boys occupied when their dad is at work so they’re not upset. He was pretty much away for the whole first lockdown so it’s a nice distraction,’ she said.

‘The boys love going for walks and it’s nice to get some fresh air and out of an estate filled with construction, diggers and dump trucks.’

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