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Mecca Australia Sally Axford busts the biggest winter beauty myths – and revealed her best tips

A makeup artist has revealed her tricks for choosing the perfect winter makeup – and why it’s no longer just about a dark lipstick.


According to Mecca Australia’s senior artist Sally Axford, the rule book that was once used for winter beauty has gone out the window.

She said trends like dying your hair a dark colour, ‘vampy’ lips or wearing a burgundy manicure over the colder months are now just misdirected advice from the 90s.

Here, Sally has debunked the beauty winter myths and embraced a more modern approach with dewy skin, bright shades and glossy finishes.

 It’s easy to automatically reach for the darker eyeshadow palettes as the weather gets colder but according to Sally it’s actually the best time to bring out the bright colours. 

‘Brights take centre stage when paired with a neutral winter outfit – it’s almost like working with a blank canvas,’ she said.

‘Play with pastels and brights, such as the Baby Jane and Fatale eyeshadows from NARS, and try colour blocking -clashing your lip colour with your eye colour in modern matte finishes (we like baby-blue eyeshadow with a orange-red lip).’

 A lot of people have different skin tones depending on the season so it’s a good idea to have different foundation shades on hand.

‘I recommend having a paler, “winter” foundation ready to go as soon as you start to lose a bit of colour post-summer. I’ve made the mistake of still using my summer colour well into my paler months and it’s not ideal,’ Sally said.

‘Alternatively you can opt for foundation lightening drops like the Mecca Max Life Proof Liquid Lightener to adjust your shade throughout the year.’

 Although it’s easy to opt for a burgundy lipstick in the cooler months this isn’t the only option, especially since we’ve seen the resurgence of lip gloss.

Sally explained that we tend to wear more leather, wool, and matte fabrics in winter which she loves pairing with a lacquered lip.

This is because she thinks the look is simple yet impactful and is a more protective option for chapped winter lips.

The Hourglass New Unreal High Shine Volumising Lip Glosses are incredibly shiny and being hydrating they’re also comfortable on the lip.

 This one depends on your skin tone as Sally said naturally deeper skin tones can continue using bronzer to add warmth to the face in the colder months.

But she warned that if you’re paler and you’re using it for contouring, she would choose a more contour-centric product, such as Westman Face Trace, as it will look more like a shadow and sculpt the face without the noticeable warmth of a bronzer.

If wearing bronzer during the colder months looks like you’ve had a bad run in with a makeup brush due to your pale skin, you can always use blush to add warmth. 

She said a pale coral or peach can bring warmth and brightness to the face. 

 For some people a summer glow is a year-round essential but for others it can be a fake-tan disaster. 

If your skin tends to go quite pale in winter reach for a light formula and only apply one coat. 

Jules Von Hep, founder of Isle Of Paradise, uses a technique he calls ‘patchwork tanning’.

‘Just tan the parts of your body on show and keep your product going for longer,’ he said.

He recommends using Isle of Paradise Drops mixed in with moisturiser.

‘This ensures my skin stays soft when the heating is turned on, but golden and glowing instead of pale and dry,’ he said.

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