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Mecca Australia beauty experts share their favourite products for dry skin

Australian beauty giant Mecca has revealed the best products to use to protect, nourish and moisturise dry hands.

As people continuously wash and sanitise their hands to minimise the spread of COVID-19, many are noticing increased skin irritation and dehydration.

To keep their skin in healthy condition, the cosmetic experts have rounded up their top picks of hand creams, sanitisers and washes to help soften and soothe skin.

‘Right now, we are all striving to be as squeaky clean as can be, and as many of us have learnt, that has come with the cost of dry, rough hands,’ the Mecca experts said in The Memo.

‘A little extra care can go a long way, so we’re sharing the hand care favourites.’

Perfect for your pocket or handbag, Australians can sanitise their hands wherever they go with the $5 Merci Handy Namaste cleaning gel.

The travel-friendly product is packed with aloe vera that works to nourish dry and dehydrates skin, leaving hands smooth, soft and ‘super sweet scented’.

‘This product is perfect to have in your bag and on the go. It leaves your hands feeling soft and hydrated whilst having a great scent to it,’ one fan said. 

The beauty experts can’t get enough of the $10 Mecca-ssentials rinse-free hand cleansing gel, enriched with soothing, healing and hydrating ingredients.

Described as a ‘no ordinary hand sanitiser’, the gel sanitises hands in an instant, leaving skin soft, nourished and and protected from 99.9 per cent of bad bacteria.

‘Not too harsh on hands and a great size for your handbag,’ one shopper said.

One essential retail worker revealed how her hands were left ‘extremely comfortably dry’ after using the hand sanitisers that were provided at work.

‘No amount of hand cream seem to help. Since purchasing the [Mecca cleansing gel], I have not had any issues with dryness… It literally changed the hand sanitising game for me,’ she said.

Perfect for hydrating and healing, beauty fans will not be disappointed with the $26 Mecca Cosmetica nourishing hand cream.

The product has an abundance of skin benefits such as moisture-replenishing avocado oil and hyaluronic acid, which works to reduce inflammation, prevent water loss and boost skin’s elasticity.

‘Lovely hand cream, well priced and best of all it looks gorgeous on my coffee table next to my candle. With all this washing of the hands, I need a hand cream in every room and this one looks very stylish in my lounge room,’ one fan said.

Another added: ‘I love this cream, and so does everyone I give it to. It’s the right consistency, stays light on the skin, so nourishing, and smells amazing! Also – the hand wash is excellent.’

Health authorities have strongly advised everyone to practise simple hygiene by washing hands regularly with soap for at least 20 seconds.

‘Rather than it being thoughtless task, we’ve been using longer, more regular hand washes as moments of mindfulness: taking a deep breath, feeling every nook of your hands and the velvetiness of the lather,’ the beauty experts said. 

For a gentle cleanse that won’t overstrip the skin, the cosmetic experts recommended the $53 Bastide Figue d’Ete Artisanal liquid hand wash.

The silky formula creates a soft lather, then rinses away to leave skin soft with ‘no harm, only a gentle fig fragrance’.

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