Measles Outbreak 2019: New York Dad and mom Suing To Get Unvaccinated Children Again In Faculty

The anti-vaxx movement has proven to be a difficult issue to deal with for different institutions, especially schools. Italy just passed a law that would bar children or fine parents if the children do not have mandatory vaccinations.

Even parents in New York have decided to take action.

Parents in Rockland County, New York, are suing after their unvaccinated kids were temporarily barred from attending Green Meadow Waldorf private school. Twenty-four parents are arguing that the County’s order violates their religious objections to having their kids vaccinated.

The suit also argues that barring the kids is unnecessary since the school hasn’t had any measles cases, as outbreaks have been within the Orthodox Jewish community and associated schools. However, the school is located within an area that has seen a recent measles outbreak.

The lawsuit also comes on the heels of a federal judge denying a temporary injunction that would have allowed students to return to school.

“The plaintiffs have not demonstrated that public interest weighs in favor of granting an injunction,” said U.S. District Court Judge Vincent Briccetti. 

Rockland County Attorney Thomas Humbach issued a statement firing back at the parents for the lawsuit.

“The Rockland County Health Commissioner, Dr. Patricia Ruppert, has every legal right, under New York State’s Public Health Law and the County’s Sanitary Code, to take every necessary step to stop the outbreak of measles in this County,” the statement reads. 

“The right to practice religion freely does not include liberty to expose the community or the child to communicable disease or the latter to ill health or death.”

Rockland County has been dealing with the measles outbreak since late September, confirming 145 cases across the county.

Most of the cases have involved unvaccinated kids and teens, including 22 cases in infants less than a year old, which is typically when toddlers receive their first vaccinations to measles.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, it’s one of six U.S. areas experiencing measles outbreaks and one of 12 states with confirmed measles cases since the beginning of 2019.