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McDonald’s to open it’s 1,000th restaurant in Melton South in Victoria

McDonald’s is set to open its 1,000th store following a successful 50 years in Australia. 

The 1,000th McDonald’s fast food restaurant will open in Melton South in Victoria at the end of the year with a host of cutting-edge environmental initiatives. 

Recycled material will be used throughout the building including infrastructure and furnishings. 

Josh Bannister, Senior Director of Development for McDonald’s Australia said it was ‘ground breaking’ to work on the environmentally friendly restaurant. 

‘It’s a privilege to be breaking ground on our 1,000th restaurant and to be able to continue to provide new training and employment opportunities for the local communities in which we operate,’ he said. 

‘As our first sustainability flagship, the Melton South restaurant will play a vital role in allowing us to continue to test, evaluate and implement industry-leading sustainable innovations. 

‘McDonald’s Australia has always been committed to using our scale for good to positively improve the way we work and to support our customers and community.’   

There will also be 100 per cent renewable energy used in the restaurant thanks to solar energy panel installed on the roof. 

In an Australian first for McDonald’s, the restaurant will include a waste sorting bin for ‘greater recycling and diversion from landfill’. 

Cutlery offered to customers will all be fibre based including stirrers and straws representing McDonald’s commitment to help reduce plastic use and waste.    

The franchisee of the 1,000th restaurant, Ben Westover, has been an operator of McDonald’s restaurants for more than a decade and is excited to open the new store.

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