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McDonalds sue ex-CEO for £30m for ‘lying about relationships with employees and sending explicit images from work email’

MCDONALD’S is suing the British CEO it sacked last year — claiming he hid sexual relationships with three workers and sent nude pictures from his work email.

It wants to reclaim the £30million exit package given to Steve Easterbrook, 53, last year.

The McDonald’s lawsuit accuses him of lying, concealing evidence, fraud and violating its policy by having relationships with co-workers, awarding one of them shares worth six figures.

Court papers also said he sent dozens of “nude, partially nude, or sexually explicit photographs” and videos of women, including the three employees, from his work email to a personal account.

In an internal memo new CEO Chris Kempczinski wrote: “McDonald’s does not ­tolerate behaviour from any employee that does not reflect our values.

“Now, more than ever, is the time to lean in to what we stand for and act as a positive force for change.”

Initially, Watford-born Easterbrook was regarded as the fast food giant’s saviour by introducing the popular all-day breakfasts.

But he was sacked over a relationship with a worker that broke company rules.

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