Mauricio Pochettino ‘throwing HAND GRENADES’ at Tottenham top brass in bid for funds

MAURICIO POCHETTINO has been throwing ‘hand grenades’ in order to provoke Tottenham chief Daniel Levy.

That’s according to journalist Duncan Castles, who believes the Argentinian is either trying to negotiate himself greater resources at Spurs or advertise to other teams that he will be available this summer with his comments in the media.

Pochettino led Tottenham to their first ever Champions League final last week by scoring in the dying seconds away at Ajax to complete a stunning three-goal comeback.

However, the bad news for Spurs fans is that the 47-year-old revealed prior to the win that he could ‘go home’ should they lift the famous trophy in Madrid on June 1.

And Castles claims people close to Pochettino insist his statement about leaving the north London club is a genuine one.

“I’ve never seen a manager of a football club throw so many hand grenades at the owner of his club”

Duncan Castles

“I’ve never seen a manager of a football club throw so many hand grenades at the owner of his club,” he told The Transfer Window podcast.

“I’ve lost count of the number of times when he’s talked about their recruitment having to change and the strategy of the club having to change.

“And now going into that Champions League semi-final and the press conference before it being asked what would happen if Tottenham were to win the Champions League, openly saying ‘I might go home’ or ‘I think I will go home and take a break from this club.’

“He talks a lot about the end of a five-year chapter, he talks a lot about how the money fortuning that period has been invested in building the stadium rather than being spent on the team, how these things have to end.”

Castles’ huge claim comes as:

  • Tottenham move closer to sealing this double deal for Barcelona and Fulham stars
  • Real Madrid fear a deal for Christian Eriksen could be OFF despite ‘agreeing terms’
  • Spurs are given ANOTHER reason to hope Chelsea beat Arsenal in the Europa League final

He continued: “What I see there is a manager doing multiple things. I think he’s advertising that he will not carry on as things have been at Tottenham, whatever happens at the end of this season.

“So he’s saying, ‘if I’m going to stay at Tottenham Hotspur, I need more resources with which to attack the Premier League and to attack the Champions League. And if the chairman of the club isn’t prepared to provide those, I have probably done as much as I can do at this club and therefore other clubs who are interested in hiring a coach, I’m available to be persuaded. Think about recruiting me.’

“Then I think there’s another dimension to this. Talking to a couple of people who know him, they feel that his statement that should he win the Champions League he might leave the club is actually genuine.

“But one of the things he’s thinking of here and the way to get himself out of the long-term contract he’s signed at Tottenham last season is to resign his position, take a sabbatical and wait for a good job to come up.

“On top of these press conferences that he’s done, he gave an interview with [Spanish publication] El Pais recently in the last couple of weeks where again he talked the same story about the Tottenham chapter and investment and the cost of the stadium – which interestingly he put at €1.4bn, which would equal £1.2bn, which is more than any figure we’ve seen before.

“Interesting to know if he’s talking from specific inside knowledge he’s got from Daniel Levy there or if he’s just thrown that figure out in the air.

“But also, he talked about his method of working as a manager and saying that it had worked at Espanyol, it worked at Southampton, it worked at Tottenham, and the next sentence was I can work at Madrid, Bayern and United in the same way.

“So he’s mentioning those top end clubs, one of whom Manchester United are once again in doubt over who their next manager should be, one of whom whose fans are calling for the club to try and hire Pochettino again, and then Bayern Munich of course whose managerial position is open.”


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