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Matt Hancock tells people not to have casual sex and stick to ‘established relationships’ to stop coronavirus spreading

SINGLE Brits are facing a sex ban after the government ordered lovers to ditch casual flings to stop coronavirus spreading.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned that people need to “be careful” before they think about pulling outside of “established relationships”.

It comes as Boris Johnson laid out his battle-plan to tackle the second wave of covid-19 telling Brits to pull together and be responsible over the next few months.

But Mr Hancock told anyone looking for a steamy affair in the winter months to think twice.

He said: “In these rules that we have to bring in, there have to be boundaries, to coin a phrase.

“If you’re saying that two households shouldn’t mix, which we are in some parts of the country – in the North East, the North West, in Scotland, in parts of Wales – then you have to then define what is the boundary of that.”

It just means that people need to be careful, they need to be sensible.

He added: “I think we should stick to the letter of it, which is it is okay in an established relationship.

“It just means that people need to be careful, they need to be sensible.

“If you’re in a relationship that is well established… what it means is people realising that coming into close contact with people from other households, then that is how the virus spreads.”

Mr Hancock joked that “I know I am in an established relationship” with his wife.

The government previously tried to enforce a ban back in June – with sex in your own home with a lover from another household made illegal.

However, this was lifted later than month when the PM explained single adult bubbles could join up in twos.

He said at the time: “There are too many people, particularly those who live by themselves who are lonely and struggling with being unable to see friends and family.”

Students were also warned against casual sex with universities slapping freshers with rules and fines to stop covid spreading in the halls.

Wild parties and sleeping around are off the agenda for freshers this year with social interactions confined to one household.

New students also face penalties if they break the rules with one university chief saying that “expectations of behaviour” will be very different in the current climate.

In the majority of British universities students will live in “bubbles” of between six and 13 people.

This means that students can socialise as much as they want with their housemates but sleeping over at a friend’s is out of the question.

People stuck on localised lockdowns were also temporarily banned from hooking up outside of their households.

In late August one million Northerners had to endure restrictions with people in Trafford, Bolton, Stockport, Burnley, Hyndburn among the areas hit.

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