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Martin Lewis quits Good Morning Britain after 17 years because he ‘can’t cope’ with busy schedule

Martin Lewis has announced he is stepping down from Good Morning Britain after 17 years because he ‘can’t cope’ with the busy schedule as he prepares to launch his new show.

Appearing on the ITV show today, the money expert, 48, revealed to hosts Adil Ray and Charlotte Hawkins that he won’t be returning for his Deals Of The Week segment on Thursdays.  

The Manchester-born finance guru went on to explain that he was struggling to cope with his gruelling schedule, while preparing for the launch of his new weekly live show in September. 

It comes after it was revealed yesterday that he kept working after selling his website for £86 million because he felt ‘responsibility to give back’ and thought ‘luck’ was a big part of his success.  

At the end of today’s Tips of the Week, Martin said: ‘My time is running out, this is actually my last ever Deals Of The Week. ‘Because of my new show coming on every week in September, I am not going to do them any more.’

‘I hope to still pop on Good Morning Britain, it’s been a wonderful 15-odd years on ITV daytime.

‘I am going to have a bit of a break for the summer, so I just want to say thank you all for watching.’

He continued: ‘I will see you in September, I’m not leaving properly, but this is my main, every week slot going, because I can’t cope with doing it all at once.’

Presenter Charlotte responded: ‘Thank you Martin, because I know that you’ve made a big difference to lots of people who hang out for your tips.

‘So thank you so much for that and enjoy your break in that case.’

Following the bombshell announcement, Martin took to Twitter and penned: ‘After 17ish yrs on ITV breakfast that was my last Deals of the Week.

‘With @itvMLshow going live weekly every Thur eve from Sept, for min 6mths, I need focus on that (I’ll do some Deals there too).

‘Thanks for watching these yrs & huge thanks to @GMB & it’s gr8 team for everything.’

Martin then started to question how many years it has been since he first started, and added: ‘Ok now debating with myself whether I started on 2003 or 2005. Either way it’s a long time.’

And when one person suggested Martin could still record the segments in advance, the expert replied: ‘It’s not the filming that’s the work, it’s the content. The five minutes on screen take hours of background research work. And I’ll be doing those for my evening show.’

Many fans of the expert were quick to flood the comments section with praise – and congratulated him on his 17 year achievement. 

‘You should be knighted Martin, we would be lost without your brilliant advice. Looking forward to your weekly shows in September,’ penned one, while a second agreed: 

‘You have been a wonder! I’m waiting for you to be knighted along with Dr Hilary. What a genuinely honest and caring bloke you are. Managing debt and money saves lives.’

A third added: ‘You are the nation favourite and have helped so many. I wish you every success with the show and I’m sure with many more shows to come. Thank you Martin.’ 

Later, Martin appeared on This Morning and revealed he will be partially funding the first-ever financial education textbook to hit schools in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

It comes following the successful rollout of the original version in England, which Martin spent £300, 000 of his own money to achieve.

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