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Married At First Sight viewers are grossed out as Connie Crayden and Jonethen Musulin kiss

Married At First Sight fans were averting their eyes during Tuesday’s show as Connie Crayden finally got a kiss from her new husband Jonethen Musulin.

And while some fans cheered on the 27-year-old ‘lonely bride,’ many viewers were quick to share their displeasure at the pair’s romantic display. 

‘That kiss looked like a scene out of Alien,’ one fan tweeted.

Another described the encounter as ‘the grossest kiss of my life’. While a third was more sympathetic: ‘Finally, Connie got her first kiss ever!’

It was a bitttersweet moment for another Twitter user. They wrote: ‘Finally, but I can’t watch tbh,’ along an emoji of kissing lips.  

Then there was the Tweet that let a gif speak a thousand words: a scene from Family Guy where the cast are projectile vomiting. 

The kiss happened towards the end of the couple’s honeymoon, but not before Connie was left doubting herself, waiting for Jonethen, 27, to make the first move.

‘We still haven’t had a pash, but I’m super attracted to him!’ Connie gushed to producers.

The show’s relationship expert Trisha Stratford then revealed that Connie and Johnny’s physical compatibility was among the highest of all the matched couples this season.

Earlier in the day, the pair spent time flirting in their hotel pool together, but despite the chemistry between them, Johnny was too scared to make his move.  

Instead of a kiss, he complimented Connie’s ‘beautiful’ eyes, which left her giddy with joy.

‘He paid me a really, really nice compliment,’ exclaimed a clearly giddy Connie.


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