Mark Labbett of ITV’s The Chase harshly criticizes a player after a low-scoring round.


Mark Labbett of ITV’s The Chase calls a player “awful” after a low-scoring round.

When one player only made £2,000 in the cash-builder round, Chaser Mark Labbett roasted him in the ITV studio.

After a contestant struggled in the first round of the show, Chaser Mark Labbett told him he was “awful.”

The popular ITV quiz show returned to screens on Monday (January 10) with four new contestants hoping to win a large cash prize.

Sandy, Derek, Holly, and Diana were all pitted against Chaser Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett, but the team didn’t have a good start.

Presenter Bradley Walsh was disappointed when Derek only managed to win £2,000 in his cash-builder round, saying that he thought he was a “better player than that.”

When Mark entered the studio to face Derek in the next round, however, he gave a scathing assessment of Derek’s performance.

“Did you watch the moneymaker?” Bradley inquired.

“Yes, and he was awful,” Mark simply responded.

He should have taken the [offer]of £200.”

The Beast had offered Derek a high offer of £22,000 and a low offer of just £200 after Derek had won £2,000.

After eliminating Derek’s teammate Holly, who had only scored £1,000 in her own cash-builder, the quizzer added that it was an “easy” game.

“It’s not a very high-scoring game, I have to say,” Bradley admitted.

The team’s fortunes improved when Sandy outran Mark and returned £7,000 to his teammates.

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