Mark Dolan blasts clubs for criticizing Newcastle’s takeover, claiming that “the same individuals plotted the Super League!”


Mark Dolan blasts clubs for criticizing Newcastle’s takeover, claiming that “the same individuals plotted the Super League!”

According to GB News anchor Mark Dolan, Premier League teams’ criticism of Newcastle United’s £305 million takeover by Saudi Arabia is ridiculous considering the tumultuous Super League affair.

Mr Dolan launched a full-throated attack on the same people who desperately tried to break away from the Premier League to form the elite members-only Super League competition despite a massive backlash on his Saturday night show, explaining how the torrent of club chairmen and owners branding the takeover as morally questionable and unacceptably given Saudi Arabia’s human rights track record is surprising.

“Nineteen Premier League clubs are up in arms about Mike Ashley’s Newcastle United being sold to Saudi investors,” Mr Dolan slammed.

“I wonder whether any of these teams who are now protesting are the same ones who wanted to destabilize the Premier League by forming a breakaway Super League!”

He went on to ask if they are “the same multi-billion-pound companies” that have garnered money from “less than conventional sources” in the past.

Mr Dolan then shifted gears, asking viewers to think about other clubs’ ownership, such as Manchester United’s Glazer family, who “immediately saddled” the club with millions of pounds in debt.

While he was at it, he also targeted Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich.

He mentioned how the Russian millionaire was supposedly denied a visa due to increasing tensions between the UK and Russia following the Novichok poisoning in Salisbury in 2018.

The government can ask applicants to justify the source of their money under guidelines put in place in 2015.

According to a source close to the Russian entrepreneur, his application to extend his investor visa has not been denied or declined. However, it was reported that Mr. Abramovich had withdrawn his application and now has an Israeli passport in addition to his Russian passport.

Instead, Mr. Dolan took a more pragmatic approach to the Saudi takeover proposal, stating that it is unrealistic for corporations to ignore an entire country in search of investment prospects. He went on to say that the strategy is the same for countries, and that they should not ignore global prospects because of moral, cultural, or historical differences.

The GB News host went on to say that the takeover bid dispute is hypocritical and “misguided,” in his opinion.

“We conduct a lot of business here in the UK,” he remarked. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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