MAPPED: Tropical Storm Ida will make a destructive 4-day exit off the Atlantic coast.


MAPPED: Tropical Storm Ida will make a destructive 4-day exit off the Atlantic coast.

TROPICAL STORM IDA is wreaking havoc on the southwestern United States after making landfall as a Category 4 hurricane with gusts of 150 mph on Sunday. The storm is expected to weaken when it exits the Atlantic coast, according to the latest forecasts.

Tropical Storm Warning Ida, one of the most destructive storms of 2021, made landfall as a hurricane over the weekend. The system pulled off the Gulf of Mexico and slammed into the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts, causing flooding and damaging winds. While Ida has lost some velocity since then, NOAA experts are concerned that it will build up speed again when it nears the Atlantic coast of the United States.

Maximum sustained winds of 57 mph have been reported, with occasional gusts of 80 mph, according to the most recent NOAA alert.

As a result, many of the organization’s hurricane warnings have been cancelled.

Tropical storm warnings and storm surge warnings are still in effect from Louisiana to the Alabama-Florida border and all the way to New Orleans.

The newest updates reflect Ida’s “rapid weakening,” which the NOAA expects to continue as it transitions to a tropical depression.

In the United States, the shift is expected this evening, although the storm will linger for a few days.

The storm is expected to travel out to the Atlantic, according to the NOAA prediction.

According to the most recent maps, Ida will pass through numerous more states before returning to the Atlantic.

Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut, and New Jersey are among the states on the radar.

Residents of the states along this path will most likely feel the effects of Ida’s severe weather during this time.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has predicted “damaging winds” this morning, which will gain up speed as they approach the coast after briefly settling.

“Ida is expected to deteriorate to a tropical depression this evening,” according to the prediction.

“When Ida passes across the western Atlantic in the day 4 to 5 phase, some slight restrengthening as an extratropical storm is possible.”

“In addition, along the anticipated track, heavy rains will move northward and then northeastward.”

Many of the worst conditions will fall on communities that have already been impacted.

“Heavy rainfall” will continue throughout “portions of southeast Louisiana, coastal Mississippi, and southwestern Alabama,” according to the NOAA prediction.

The rain could cause “significant” floods along rivers, as well as “considerable to life-threatening flash and urban flooding.”

This pattern of rain will last till Tuesday morning.

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