Mango, a golden retriever, is enraged after her owner puts her on a diet.


The hungry pup looks desperately down the camera as she waits for more food from her ‘cruel’ human and viewers have been filled with heartfelt sympathy for the cute pet

Nobody enjoys dieting, but at least for most of us the pain is self-inflicted, something which is not the case for this poor dog.

Mango the golden retriever has been raking in the sympathy after this clip of her reacting to her reduced meals went viral.

Her puppy dog eyes have been melting the hearts of viewers thanks to this video, with her adorable reaction leaving viewers feeling sorry for her.

The clip, which was originally posted by TikTok user @itsmissmango, was a huge hit on the app, with over 459,000 views and almost 35,000 likes.

At the beginning of the video, Mango’s owner can be seen pouring her a measly cup of dog food, before pausing and leaving the dog’s bowl looking almost empty.

While it takes a second for her to realise what is going on, Mango quickly catches on and begins to flash her owner a desperate look.

The adorable look only gets cuter by the second, leaving many to question how Mango’s owner could possibly resist her eyes.

But it turns to a scowl as the dog fumes at the lack of dinner.

But as the video explains, the diet is on the order of Mango’s vet, rather than the choice of her owner, so the poor pup is all out of luck.

Viewers instantly fell in love with the golden retriever, with one user commenting: “Omg those eyes are breaking my heart, my love.”

Another equally enamoured viewer wrote: “Just give that dog more please.”

A third added: “Mango – I’m coming to rescue you!”

Golden retrievers have proven to be one of the most popular breeds on the video sharing app, racking up 14 billion views.

The lovable gundogs are well known for being intelligent and affectionate family dogs, described as ‘kind, friendly and confident’ by The Kennel Club.

In another viral video a goldie called Phi Phi was caught ‘spying’ on her next door neighbour, a Samoyed called Bentley.

The nosy pup found a peep hole in their garden fence, and loved watching what her ‘bestie’ was doing on the other side.

One follower even joked the spy dog could be the next James Bond, writing: “I can’t wait to see more of James Bond the dog, haha #spydog.”

And a pair of golden retrievers went viral. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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