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Man wraps car in CELLOPHANE after woman blocks driveway

A frustrated homeowner wrapped his neighbour’s car in black cellophane after she blocked his driveway for more than a day.

Tobe Bailey, 49, from Margate, Kent, decided to take matters into his own hands after his neighbour’s blue Vauxhall Corsa stopped his daughter from being able to get her car out of the driveway.

The father-of-seven, who has a dropped kerb and two signs outside his house instructing residents not to park there, said he took action after a note he placed on his neighbour’s windscreen was ignored.

The bricklayer said: ‘I live in a street with 26 houses and 24 parking spaces. Me and the Mrs spent about £2,000 putting a dropped kerb in last year and clear signs telling people not to park there but people still do all the time.

‘At least two or three times a week, we get some idiot blocking us in.

‘I came home from work one night and saw the car parked there. My daughter couldn’t get her car out.

‘I wrote a note and stuck it on the windscreen, telling the owner to move it.

‘I opened a can of beer and sat on the balcony and waited. Nothing happened. I went and had dinner and still was there after.

‘It was still there the next day and my daughter was complaining she couldn’t get out.

‘I’d just had a load of pallet wrap delivered and I thought’ ”right” and wrapped it across the car. The owner soon came out after that.

‘It was a young girl who had just moved in next door. She was very apologetic.

‘She said ”very funny” and said she won’t park there again.

‘I’m not a nasty person, I just like to get my point across in a funny and harmless way.

‘It only took her a few minutes to take the wrap off and her car was cleaner after because of it.’ 

Mr Bailey, who lives with his wife Amanda, said this was not the first time he had gone to extreme lengths to ward people off his driveway. 

He continued: ‘Another time, a man parked a car across my driveway and when I told him he couldn’t park there, he told me he was a child of God and could park where he likes.

‘I told him I am also a child of God and had the right not to have my driveway blocked.

‘He didn’t listen and just walked away. So I used a car jack to hoist it up.

‘When he came back, he got in the car and started it but of course, couldn’t drive anywhere.

‘He had to knock on my door and eventually apologised. He never parked there again.’

Following the comical scenes, Mr Bailey shared a picture of his car on social media and has since been met with an array of comical responses.  

One user wrote: ‘This is brilliant! Where did you get the black wrap…so I can do the same.’

While another person added: ‘Love it. Well played sir.’ 

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