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Man ‘who knocked commuter unconscious in London station mask row’ is 35-year-old father of one

A pram-pushing rail passenger who is suspected of knocking a commuter unconscious is a 35-year-old father-of-one. 

Adam Seymour, 35, has been arrested in relation to an attack which sent John Adam flying after hitting him, leaving the victim with blood pouring out of his head at Clapham Junction Railway station.

Mr Adam, 45,  spent 24 hours in hospital being treated for severe laceration, a severely cut lip. The 45-year-old had been arguing with staff about not wearing masks when he was attacked.

British Transport Police confirmed a 35-year-old has been arrested on suspicion of assault after the incident. He has been released on bail while enquiries continue.

His mother Denise has said she is ‘devastated’ by the shocking footage. She told The Sun: ‘I can’t believe he would do anything unprovoked.’ 

In the footage Mr Adam had been arguing with South Western Railway staff by the ticket barrier because one member was not wearing a mask.

The attacker, in a grey hoodie, comes into the clip pushing a pram past the heated exchange. He had a child with him and was also not wearing a mask. 

Mr John is heard saying ‘you’re not wearing one either’, which he said was not directed at the man.

In response, the man in the hoody turns around and walks away from his pram shouting ‘don’t f****** start on me’.

The individual quickly leaves the area with his pram and child, while Mr Adam is seen bleeding on the ground.

Reliving the attack earlier this week, Mr Adam, 43 told MailOnline: ‘I was very angry that some of the staff at Clapham were not wearing masks, particularly one woman. She just told me to mind my own business and that just made me angrier.

‘This man had nothing to do with it. He decided to interfere in something that was none of his business.

‘I could see this large lump from corner of my eye. He then suddenly appeared right in front of me and then whack, my head just shook inside, I could hear this ringing noise and then everything went black.’

He said: ‘I had a mask on and so did most of the other passengers, so I wanted to know why the same rules did not apply to station workers?’

He added: ‘I did get a worked up and accused the staff of spreading coronavirus. I think this man mistakenly thought that I was talking about him. The next thing I know is that he walks in my direction and then everything went black.’ 

Mr Adam, who is a travel agent, from London, revealed that since the attack he has been suffering from headaches, double vision and has been suffering from nightmares.

Speaking outside the station where the attack took place, he said: ‘I’ve got to go back for more tests and am very worried that there could be long term implications to my injuries. It was an incredibly hard punch, my head wobbled, and I hit the floor really hard.’

Mr Adam revealed that the incident took place on Sunday night as he was returning from an Italian restaurant in South London with his friend Peter Caldecott-Gabriel, who filmed the attack.

Visibly shaking as he recalled the events of the night, Mr Adam revealed that he is now going to have a coronavirus test because of the proximity of some of the station staff to him during the altercation. 

South Western Railway said the member of staff who was not wearing a mask had a medical exemption.

It said the assault was an altercation between members of the public and staff had assisted with first aid and alerted the police.

A spokesperson for South Western Railway, said: ‘Our staff reported this incident to the British Transport Police who are now investigating this.

‘We will cooperate in this investigation fully, but as it is ongoing it would be inappropriate for us to comment further.’ 

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