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Man turns himself into a demon with black tattooed eyeballs, horns and freaky arm implants

A TATTOO artist has given himself the appearance of a demon with black tattooed eyeballs, silicone horns, and bizarre arm implants.

Freddy Campos, 26, from Minas Gerais, Brazil, has covered 70 percent of his body in tattooes and other extreme body modifications, and says he wants to “reject society’s standards”.

Campos gave himself his first tattoo with a makeshift machine when he was just ten years old, but has since lost count of his modifications.

As well as his tattoos and implants, he has piercings, huge ear stretchers, and a split tongue.

“If I were to count [up how much money] I spent on my body… I could’ve had a great car!” he said.

Campos says his father’s backing was the key factor that encouraged him to pursue his unusual look.

“I have my dad’s name tattooed twice,” he said.

“My dad was the only one who supported me in everything.

“My whole family was against [me becoming a tattoo artist]. They were saying it wasn’t an honest profession.

“I tattooed my dad’s almost entire body. He was the canvas I learned on.”

Campos admits he is “definitely” addicted to getting tattoos, but says he finds the process “so gratifying”.

He describes the experience of getting his eyes tattooed as “really cool” but says there were side effects.

“My eye was irritated for a couple of days, black liquid was running from my nose, my tears were black,” he said.

“My body was getting rid of the ink.”

Campos also has a girlfriend, Leticia, who is learning to be a tattoo artist and says she also wants to cover her body in tattoos.

“I want to get it all tattooed, neck, hands, fingers, everything!” she said.

“I will only stop when there’s no space left on my body.”

Campos admits he often finds it difficult to handle people’s reaction to his apperance.

“There are so many people out there with biases, with negative thoughts,” he said.

“There are people who come to ask me, ‘Why do you do this? How will you work?’

“It’s actually how I earn my living. I live in the tattoo world.

“They judge me only based on the fact that I have tattoos.

“I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs. I’m quite the opposite of what people think.

“My dad’s efforts weren’t in vain. I made the dream I had come true.”

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