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Man survives being hit by 6″ spanner that lodged in his head

A pedestrian has cheated death after he was struck on his head by a spanner falling from a tower block in China.

The six-inch sharp tool was accidentally dropped by a technician who was installing an air conditioner outside a flat eight storeys up in north-eastern Chinese province Liaoning, reported local media.

The injured man, 50, is said to have been in stable condition after doctors removed the metal wrench lodged in his head during a three-hour operation.

The terrifying incident occurred on Thursday afternoon in Liaoning’s provincial capital, Shenyang, according to Chinese media.

The unnamed pedestrian was walking down the street with his colleague when the spanner suddenly fell and hit the man’s head.

His co-worker said that they looked up and saw a maintenance worker who was installing an air conditioner outside an eight-storey flat of the residential building.

‘The installer was also in shock [after the incident happened]. He was looking down while sitting on the platform,’ the man’s colleague told Liaoshen Evening News.

Media reports did not specify the height of the flat. But an eight-storey flat is usually 24 metres (79 feet) above the ground.

Gruesome pictures released by Chinese media show the injured citizen with the sharp wrench stuck in his head. One of them sees the man sitting on the ground while holding the wound with his hand, appearing to be in pain.

The pedestrian was rushed to a local hospital after his horrified co-worker called for an ambulance.

‘When we saw the patient, he was conscious,’ Dr Bao Min, a neurosurgeon at the Shenjing Hospital, told Pear Video. ‘He could move around his arms and legs. [He] only suffered some headaches.’

After conducting a CT scan, doctors found that the 15-centimetre (six inches) long wrench had speared through the patient’s skull.

‘We could also see a lot of fractured bones. So the situation was very dangerous,’ Dr Bao added.

The mechanical tool can be seen in an X-ray scan stuck in the man’s head with the rotary fasteners rammed through his skull.

After a three-hour emergency operation, surgeons successfully removed the spanner from the pedestrian’s head.

The patient is said to have been in stable condition following the surgery. He will remain in the hospital for further treatment, according to the doctors.

‘During the first stage of the treatment, the patient did not suffer any major bleedings or hemiplegia. This was already e fortunate part out of all the misfortunes,’ Dr Bao told the local paper.

‘The patient has a strong body and a thicker skull. Therefore the spanner did not cut too deep. It would have been even more dangerous if it was a woman or a child,’ the medic said.

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