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Man smashes car window with an AXE to rescue Yorkshire Terrier

A dog locked inside a car in searing temperatures was rescued by a passerby who smashed the windows using an axe. 

Onlookers spotted the dog panting on the back seat of the VW Golf at the Newbury Retail Park in Berkshire as the country sweltered in a 34C (97F) heatwave.

Bystanders filmed footage of the rescue as the owners shopped in a nearby Currys PC World. 

The man who carried out the rescue has since been hailed a ‘hero’ on social media. 

Police officers buying lunch at a nearby M&S were called over before the dog was taken to a vet to be checked over. 

The video, which has amassed some 30,000 views on Facebook, shows the man using the axe to smash the front passenger window. 

He successfully breaks it on the eight attempt before the dog is taken out of the boiling hot car.   

One shopper said the owner had gone into a Currys store with her daughter. 

She wrote on Facebook: ‘Her car was there before we pulled up. The alarm kept going off when we went to Currys.

‘Ed looked in and the dog was panting trying to get out of the inches of open window. 

‘Waited for five minutes then smashed the window. She still hadn’t arrived back. Police were getting lunch in M&S so the guy told him what he had done.  

‘Ten mins later she came out of Currys with NOTHING so obviously that was essential. The dog was taken to the vets by an officer.

‘I said [to the owner], “Would you leave her in the car?” She tried to say she had been 20 minutes. More like 45. She’s been reported.’ 

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: ‘A member of the public did smash a car window to get a dog out of a car.

‘Two of our PCSOs attended, the dog was taken by one of the PCSOs for a check over. The owner of the vehicle returned and was given advice.’

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