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Man reveals how he made delicious sweet and savoury Italian CALZONE in his air fryer

A home cook from Melbourne has revealed how he made delicious Italian calzone in his air fryer while locked down at home during the coronavirus pandemic, and how you can too.

Cam posted on Facebook, where he explained you can make the classic Italian dish with just a few ingredients and few hours to spare.

‘Sweet and savoury calzone in the 3.2 litre air fryer,’ he wrote online.

’14 minutes at 180C, turn halfway through.’

To make Cam’s calzone, he said you should get your hands on some pizza dough  such as the ready-made Laucke pizza dough kit from Coles. 

Then, just mix the ingredients with some water and yeast and then roll out a portion of the dough so it’s flat and you can add whatever your desired fillings are.

‘We used pizza sauce, ham, zucchini and fresh mozzarella,’ Cam said.

‘Place all of the fillings inside it, fold the dough over, pinch it and spray with oil.’

Once you’ve put what you want inside the calzone, Cam said all you need to do is pop it inside the air fryer for 14 minutes at 180 degrees. 

‘Turn it at the seven-minute mark to ensure the base is cooked as well,’ Cam said.

He added that he also made a sweet dessert calzone with chocolate drops and banana, which was just as delicious.

Calzone is a traditional Italian dish that originated in Naples in the 18th century.

A typical calzone is made from salted bread dough, baked in an oven and is stuffed with salami, ham or vegetables, mozzarella, ricotta and Parmesan or pecorino cheese, as well as an egg. 

Hundreds who saw the simple recipe on Facebook were impressed with the results.

Many said they couldn’t wait to try it for themselves and their families.

‘This is a great idea, I’d love to try it,’ one woman posted.

‘How good do these look, I could eat them for every meal,’ another person added. 

Previously, a home cook shared how to make the much-loved pizza pockets in your air fryer. 

Louise, from Western Australia, cooked the homemade rolls filled with cheese, ham and tomato paste in an air fryer, with the help of her mini chef – her toddler boy. 

To make the dough, she used Greek yoghurt and self raising flour – and she filled them with the cheese, tomato paste and ham filling. 

‘Mix dough together, separate into equal parts. Roll flat, add filling. Close dough into a ball shape. Cook on 180 for about 10 to 15 minutes [in the air dryer],’ she said. 

Many were quick to compliment the woman for sharing her easy recipe, while others said pizza pockets are the perfect snack to make with the kids during the coronavirus isolation.

‘Isolation wouldn’t be so bad with these,’ one mother said.

A second said: ‘It’s great to get kids involved in the kitchen (with supervision) and even if its not the greatest u still praise them – oh and eat it.’

Another mother said she made her own pizza pockets filling them with pizza sauce, shredded chicken and cheese.  

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