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Man racially abuses three African woman on Adelaide bus before turning on girlfriend

Three African women have been racially targeted on a bus by a white man who called them ‘dogs’ and insulted their families before turning on his own friend.

The group were all travelling toward Port Adelaide late on Monday night when the unnamed man began shouting at them.

He called them ‘African dogs’ and said ‘your mum’s an African sl*t’ to one of the girls as other commuters rushed to get off the bus and avoid an altercation.

A woman in the man’s company, described as his girlfriend by 7News, frantically tried to restrain the man as a brawl broke out between him and the other group.

He then appeared to turn on her as well.

Another passenger got off the bus and filmed the rest of the altercation through the window, capturing the moment when one of the victims stood up for herself and lunged at the aggressor.

He knocked her backwards during the melee.

Witnesses claim after about 20 minutes the bus finally continued without the duo on board, but the bus driver never intervened or broke up the fight.

A spokesman from the Transport Workers Union said drivers shouldn’t be made to put their lives in danger, particularly after a raft of previous assaults in similar circumstances.

The man in question had reportedly been kicked off a train earlier in the night for similar anti-social behaviour. 

Janine Bahati, a friend of the victims, told 9News incidents like that were ‘really common’. 

‘I just to want feel comfortable going on the bus without getting attacked,’ she said.

Another witness, Henry Trewren, claimed he watched on as the man continued to abuse his partner long after the bus was gone.   

‘She was yelling out, “no, stop it”, and sadly she stayed with him, and it’s part of her feeling like maybe she had nowhere else to go,’ he said. 

Police have not yet spoken to any persons involved and are seeking more information. 

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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