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Man issues desperate plea for blood donors after wife falls ill in Bali

A Czech man has been forced to issue a desperate plea for blood donors on Facebook after his wife became ill during a holiday in Bali. 


Martin Frank, 33, took to social media on Sunday to ask for donations on the ‘Bali Expats’ group after his wife, Eliska was admitted to BIMC Hospital in Kuta.  

‘Hello, I am trying to find anybody with Blood A- or O- to donor blood to my wife. She is on Intensive care unit at BIMC Hospital Kuta and she needs blood,’ he said.

‘She has stomach bleeding and her life is in danger. Please anybody if you know someone, let us know. We are desperate.’

The post has since garnered more than a hundred comments and 61 shares. 

Mr Frank said he flew to Bali from Prague on Saturday after he was notified his wife had been feeling ill. 

Eliska, also 33, had been two weeks into her holiday when she began having symptoms such as vomiting and fainting on Friday.  

‘She has some bleeding in her stomach and they don’t know what it is,’ he told Daily Mail Australia. 

‘They need to stabilise her because she doesn’t have too much blood. We are looking for A- or O- blood.’

Doctors are yet to identify the problem but have informed him Eliska has low blood cells, low blood pressure, and low oxygen circulation, and needs to secure blood before undergoing surgery. 

Mr Frank, who runs a medical company with his wife, has been told there are no blood banks in the vicinity and he is not eligible to donate since he is O-positive.   

Rh-negative blood, a type in which protein is not present in the blood, is also uncommon among the Indonesian population.

Mr Frank also revealed his wife previously had a tumour in her pancreas which he believes could be related to her condition. 

Eliska has been hooked up to an oxygen supply and has only spoken a few words since her husband arrived. 

‘One person is going to donate blood but you need more than one bag. After she needs to go to surgery,’ he said.  

So far, Mr Frank’s public appeal has attracted some volunteers, including one person who said said he’d go to the hospital in the next few hours.  

‘Doctors need to do surgery today, they didn’t tell me of any other options,’ Mr Frank said.     

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