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Man in parachute slams into parking garage in Cleveland

Shocking video footage has emerged of the moment a bold adrenaline-junkie takes a jump in Ohio, crashes into a parking garage and is left perilously dangling 40 feet above ground. 

The incident took place on Sunday around 2am when a 35-year-old man jumped with four others, but his descent took a turn for the worst when he slammed into a parking garage in downtown Cleveland.

Cleveland Firefighters were called to the intersection of East 12th Street and Chester Avenue around 2am where they found the man hanging from the parking garage entangled in his parachute, according to WKYC.

The man said his friends safely landed in a nearby park but he ended up crashing after his parachute was blown by a gust of wind.

He was left approximately 40 feet in the air and fire crews rescued him by using a ladder to untangle him from the parachute. 

He was transported to the Metro Health hospital with a broken ankle.

Video of the fall was captured by a pedestrian who saw the man and his parachute floating down into the street when he hit the parking garage with a sickening sound.

‘Look at bruh tho…oh damn! Oh he’s stuck…we gotta help him,’ a man filming the incident yelps.

The man’s parachute was visible stuck on the roof of the parking garage, leaving him helplessly dangling and clinging onto the wall of the garage for dear life.

Now officials are investigating where the man actually jumped from.

He claimed he and his pals jumped from a plane, but locals say he jumped off a nearby building. 

Cleveland Fire Lt. Mike Norman said a group of four people were base jumping, which is jumping off tall buildings or hilltops with a parachute.  

Witnesses say the group jumped from the roof of The Luckman apartment building, according to Cleveland19. 

‘I’ve heard of people base jumping sure, but not off of my apartment building. You could tell the man was in pain, he was just sitting there holding on, trying to wait it out because help was on the way,’ witness Patrick O’Shea said.

Locals say the man was lucky his parachute got caught on the roof of the parking garage. 

‘Oh absolutely, if that parachute didn’t get stuck on the building he would have just kind of hit the wall and dropped. That wouldn’t have been pretty,’ O’Shea said.  

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