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Man describes miserable honeymoon with his cheating wife

A man who married his wife a week after he found how she had been cheating on him has opened up their miserable five-week honeymoon in South America. 

Greyson Ferguson, a writer for Medium’s P.S. I Love You, penned an essay about the disastrous trip he took with his now ex-wife in 2010, detailing how they struggled to stay civil and slept in bunk beds one night.    

In the six week gap between their wedding and honeymoon, their already rocky relationship was damaged beyond repair after he learned that his new wife was still ‘shacking up with the guy’ she was seeing before their wedding. 

In another essay, he explained he had gone through with marrying her because he had paid a great deal of his own money for the pricey wedding, and he still loved her. He didn’t want to disappoint anyone by postponing the ceremony, but would later regret it. 

Ferguson admitted he wasn’t exactly sure why he decided to go on a honeymoon with his cheating wife he couldn’t stand to be around. 

Part of him was worried his flight ticket would be invalid if she showed up to the airport without the other person on his reservation. He also thought spending weeks in a ‘dream destination’ might help them work out their problems.    

‘It didn’t,’ he wrote. ‘Because the last thing you want to do when you despise someone is spend weeks on end with that person in a place neither of you speaks the language.

‘Every step in Peru. Every cab ride in Chile. Every dinner out in Argentina, I found the void in my chest begin to consume myself.’

Things were so miserable that he contemplated returning home by himself, but he was worried something would happen to his wife after he left and he would be accused of murder. 

To deal with the crushing pain, he made a point of trying to hurt her by making her feel as inadequate as she made him feel. 

‘We had struggled to stay cordial the entire time. Many nights ended poorly,’ he recalled. 

The logistical problems they faced on their trip may have turned into funny stories for a pair of happy newlyweds, but for them, it made their situation that much more unbearable. 

One morning they were leaving their hotel in Santiago, Chile, at 4 a.m. ahead of their flight to Easter Island when the manager accused them of trying to leave without paying — even though they had pre-paid for their room. 

After using Google Translate to explain what happened, they finally left the hotel, where they had slept in bunk beds the night before.  

They couldn’t find any taxis at such an early hour, and to pass the time while they were walking around they played the ‘what if’ game in which they asked each other hypothetical questions. 

When his wife asked him if she ever envisioned them being friends in the future, he admitted he didn’t know. 

With the goal of hurting her, he then asked what she would do if they broke up and he dated her ‘thinner’ and ‘better proportioned’ sister.   

‘Every physical comparison she ever made was always to her sister. And, in her own mind, she almost always lost,’ he explained. 

‘And in one little question, I reminded her of everything her sister had and that she didn’t. Including, hypothetically, me.’ 

When she finally answered, she said she would learn to live with it if they were happy together.    

The two survived the duration of their honeymoon, but they later divorced.  

‘Although one thing from that entire honeymoon has survived the test of time. I still wouldn’t mind going out on a date with the sister,’ Ferguson wrote at the end of his essay. 

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