Man claims to have met a “compassionate being” who examined his life after he died.


Man claims to have met a “compassionate being” who examined his life after he died.

After he died, man claimed to have met a “compassionate being” who assessed his life.

A MAN claims he visited the hereafter and met a “very loving and compassionate entity” who walked him through his entire lifetime in a matter of seconds after having a near-death experience.

Although it is unknown whether there is life after death, one guy claims to know the answer. After a car accident that left him fighting for his life, a man named Jeff claims to have had an afterlife experience. He feels he crossed over to the other side because all of his images happened in a flash.

This included coming across a helpful figure who helped him reflect on his entire life.

Jeff said he saw everything in the milliseconds leading up to the crash on the Near Death Experience Research Foundation.

He wrote, “Everything was in slow motion and filled with white light.”

“I could still see, but everything was suddenly bathed in a dazzling white light.

“Despite my inability to see them, I felt a strong presence of a really kind and compassionate creature at this time.

“There was no worry or anxiety; just an awareness of what was happening.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the back of my head slam against the passenger side window and smash the glass, not realizing I’d left my body.

“I didn’t feel any discomfort as a result of this, and I got the sensation that the monster was in some way shielding me from the damage.

“I reflected on my life experiences after that. I had the impression that I could see everything at once, as if I were looking at a number of monitors, each displaying a different scene.”

Jeff has lost his fear of death and what awaits him on the other side since the accident.

Researchers, on the other hand, aren’t convinced that Jeff’s experience was proof of the afterlife, but rather a natural reaction in the brain as he approached death.

According to neuroscientist Christof Koch, president and chief scientist of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, near-death experience visuals are frequently clues that the brain is running out of oxygen or searching itself for survival methods.

In a Scientific American article, Dr. Koch stated, “I accept the truth of these intensely felt experiences.” They are as real as any other personal impression or experience.

“However, as a scientist, I operate on the premise that God created all of our thoughts, memories, and precepts.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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