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Man, 25, is charged over fatal Love Machine nightclub shooting

A man charged with being an accessory to murder after a deadly shooting outside the Love Machine nightclub in Melbourne, has appeared in court.  


Twenty-five-year old, Moussa Hamka, appeared at the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Sunday.

Along with the accessory to murder charge, Hamka is accused of being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm, and of knowing who was involved in the Love Machine attack in April. 

He is also accused of stalking, make threats to kill and other offences.

The Epping man was arrested by police on Saturday morning, who also seized a handgun during the execution of a search warrant. 

Security guard Aaron Khalid Osmani, 37, and Richard Arow, 28, died after they were shot outside the nightclub in Prahran on April 14.

Four others were injured when shots were fired from a stolen black Porsche SUV, which was later found burnt out in the northern suburb of Wollert.  

Relatives of the murdered pair previously said the killers acted with inhumanity, violence and carelessness.  

Richard Arow’s girlfriend Rebekah Spinks was with him on the night he died, and said she was only about five metres away from him when it happened.   

‘What this has done to the family is actually so catastrophic… these men were just so callous,’ Ms Spinks told reporters earlier this month.

‘They just had no regard for humanity at all, because not just Richard and Aaron and the people who were injured, but everyone, including me on the street, was a target that night, and they didn’t care who they were hurting.’

She described him as the ‘strongest man with the softest heart.’

‘They took the life of a really great man but the destroyed the life of hundreds of people and families that are affected by it.’

She said she was still in disbelief and the killers didn’t deserve to walk the streets. 

Mr Arow’s mother described her loss through a translator as senseless and unbearable.

She said that in taking her son’s life the killers had also taken hers.

Mr Arow had promised to repay her for bringing her family to Australia to build a new and better life, and was grateful for the opportunity to live in such a safe country. 

Mr Osmani’s family said he ‘had his whole life ahead of him.

‘It’s been two months since we lost Aaron but our family is still grieving a lot, especially our parents,’ the family said in a statement.  

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