‘Making sure nothing goes awry,’ Queen says of her walking stick for the second time.


‘Making sure nothing goes awry,’ Queen says of her walking stick for the second time.

THE QUEEN was seen with Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, marking the inauguration of the sixth Senedd with a walking stick.

The Queen attended the opening of the sixth Senedd in Cardiff, ahead of delivering an address to members of the Welsh Parliament. Rhiannon Mills of Sky News discussed the Queen’s visit and the head monarch’s hectic itinerary. She stated that they have been assured that the use of the walking stick is not due to any new health conditions, but rather for comfort.

Ms Mills also stated that the Queen would enter the Senedd through an elevator rather than the steps to ensure that nothing went wrong.

“The Queen has had an exceptionally busy couple of weeks,” Ms Mills added.

“When you realize she’s 95, she does live a privileged life, but it’s incredible.”

“A couple of days ago, the fact that she arrived in Westminster Abbey for a British Legion commemoration drew a lot of attention.

“We’re told she was carrying a walking stick for her own comfort, not because she had any specific concerns.”

According to Sky News host Adam Boulton, the Queen only performs the most critical responsibilities due to her age.

“The Queen has been tremendously busy,” Ms Mills continued, “if you remember back to the beginning of the summer, the G7 summit, she was front and center.”

“World leaders were literally jumping over themselves to spend time with her.”

“It’s interesting that you mentioned the Queen taking the lift in the House of Commons.

“She used a lift today, too; I believe it’s all about being practical these days, making sure nothing goes wrong.”

Ms Mills also stressed the importance of today’s public event.

“From all I’ve heard from the Palace, she’s tremendously eager after 18 months in Windsor on HMS Bubble,” she added.

“She was unable to carry out the public tasks that she had performed as head queen for nearly 70 years.”

“She wants to go out and meet people now that she’s been locked up for 18 months.”

“It’s been 5 years since she’s gone to Wales, so this is a significant occasion.”


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