Maid spills the beans on life in Buckingham Palace, including a dance with Prince Philip.


Maid spills the beans on life in Buckingham Palace, including a dance with Prince Philip.

A HOUSEMAID has revealed what it’s like to work at Buckingham Palace for the royals.

When Alicia Healey graduated from university, she was seeking for work and stumbled upon an advertisement for a summer job at Balmoral Castle. Because she was interested in art conservation and ancient structures, she decided to apply for a three-month post as a hospitality assistant at the royal residence in Scotland.

Ms. Healey was invited to Buckingham Palace for an interview with the chief housekeeper.

Because there was a staff bar on the estate and Scottish dances to attend, the head housekeeper assured her that it “wouldn’t be all work and no play” and that it would be “like university but without the lectures.”

Ms Healey also took a permanent live-in housemaid job at Buckingham Palace at the end of the summer.

She described it as a “story of two occupations” to “dust an Antonio Canova sculpture one minute and clean a royal loo the next,” according to the Telegraph.

Several other housemaids, according to Ms Healey, are graduates who accepted the position because of the status of working for the royals.

A videographer offered they could “come and clean my apartment if you want” while she and a companion were hoovering a big staircase before an investiture one morning.

“I just clean palaces,” her companion said.

Mr Healey stated that she appreciated the hands-on aspect of the job and that she “would much rather be dusting the Queen’s palace than stuck behind a computer in a desk-based, glass-office admin job.”

She was given the option to serve as an art conservation intern at the Royal Collection situated at St James’s Palace alongside her housemaid position shortly after joining Buckingham Palace.

She hoped it would assist her in landing the arts profession she had hoped for after graduation.

But after a few months, Ms Healey realized she liked her employment at Buckingham Palace and quit the volunteer position to “embrace” her duty as a “lowly maid.”

She traveled with the Queen to Windsor Castle, Sandringham, and Balmoral, where she assumed the position of a typical lady’s maid.

She also had the opportunity to dance with the late Prince Philip.

“Dancing a waltz with the Duke of Edinburgh at the Ghillies Ball at Balmoral was one of my off-duty highlights,” Ms Healey recalled.


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