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Madonna gives fans a glimpse into her beauty routine on the eve of her 62nd birthday

MADONNA posted a picture of her “resting birthday b*tch face” for fans on the eve of her 62nd birthday yesterday — from her bathroom.

And while she didn’t appear to look too happy, an accompanying video showed her in much more of a party mood.

She pretended to cut off her hair before dancing along to Levitating, her new track with Dua Lipa and Missy Elliott.

The video was shot in her bedroom and en suite where the Material Girl showed she’s just like the rest of us — even using Colgate toothpaste.

Madonna also has another reason to celebrate – the queen of pop has left her label Interscope after almost a decade.

She is poised to sign an eight-figure deal to return to Warner Records — the label which helped her become a superstar in the first 25 years of her career.

The move follows the release in 2019 of her critically acclaimed 14th album Madame X and subsequent tour, which ended in March.

A music insider said: “Madonna is still a force to be reckoned with.

“The fact is, she sells records, people around the world adore her and every label would love to have her on their books.

“Now that her deal with Interscope has come to an end, she is a free agent and can choose where to go next — and Warner feels like the best place given their history.

“But Madonna comes at a hefty price. She can command big money and wants to make sure whatever deal she signs is the best thing for her and her music.”

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