Madness awakened! The US Navy has been instructed to prioritize “warfighting” over “diversity training.”


Madness awakened! The US Navy has been instructed to prioritize “warfighting” over “diversity training.”

According to a recent Senate report, the US Navy should focus on “warfighting” rather than “diversity training.”

There are growing fears of a military conflict between the United States and China over Taiwan or the South China Sea.

One US officer, meanwhile, claimed that her superiors are more concerned about “diversity officers” than with preparation for a hypothetical third world war.

94 percent of respondents polled for the research said the US Navy has a “cultural or leadership problem.”

“Finding and sinking enemy ships should be the primary goal of a navy,” the memo stated.

“However, many sailors found their leaders distracted, subject to bureaucratic excess, and rewarded for their administrative skills rather than their warfighting abilities.

“With China creating and operating a competitive fleet, many respondents expressed grave concern about the lack of sufficient attention to warfighting.”

Beijing has threatened to invade Taiwan, which it considers to be its sovereign territory.

It also claims practically the whole South China Sea, which is in conflict with six other countries’ claims.

The Senate study raised worries that diversity is being prioritized over military effectiveness.

“Sometimes I think we care more about whether we have enough diversity officers than if we’ll survive a war with the Chinese navy,” one serving lieutenant told the authors.

A recently retired senior naval commander shared similar concerns.

“I guarantee you, every unit in the navy is up to date on their diversity training,” they said.

“I’m afraid I can’t say the same for their ship-handling instruction.”

A group of Republican politicians, including Senator Tom Cotton, commissioned the investigation.

Rear Admiral Mark Montgomery and Marine Lieutenant General Robert Schmidle collaborated on it.

One of the report’s supporters was Republican House member Jim Banks.

“At a time when the navy’s readiness is more essential than ever before, this study presents a leadership that is distracted from the number one threat to American national security, the Chinese Communist Party,” he stated in an interview with the Daily Telegraph.

The Japanese government released its newest defense review earlier this week, warning of a “crisis” in the Asia-Pacific area.

Japan’s deputy prime minister, Taro Aso, has said that if Taiwan is attacked, Japan should join the US in fighting China.

President Xi Jinping of China has promised to complete Taiwan’s “reunification” with China. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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