Macron’s opponent Eric Zemmour slammed English’unbearable domination,’ saying it’reigns over us.’


Macron’s opponent Eric Zemmour slammed English’unbearable domination,’ saying it’reigns over us.’

In a rediscovered diatribe, ERIC ZEMMOUR, widely expected to oppose Emmanuel Macron in the French presidential race next year, denounced the “unbearable domination” of the English language.

Mr Zemmour, a right-wing talk show host who was convicted of inciting hatred, is expected to run for president of France next year. Mr Zemmour has portrayed himself as a “candidate in the discussion” in recent months and departed his prime-time chat show, apparently to comply with election laws, despite the fact that he has not officially announced his candidacy. According to a fresh survey conducted by Ifop-Fiducial, the pundit received 17% of the vote and advanced to the second round of the election, confirming earlier polls that he had surpassed Marine Le Pen, who had been defeated by President Macron four years ago.

Mr Zemmour, who has made a name for himself by pushing the boundaries of political correctness, is routinely chastised for his anti-minority remarks.

In an interview with BFM on Sunday, Mr Zemmour made the contentious claim that women earn less than males because they choose low-paying occupations.

Last month, the TV personality used a gathering in Normandy to allude to the English as France’s “worst foes for a thousand years,” and to argue that the D-Day landings brought the US “occupation and colonization.”

“D-Day was an activity of freedom, but it was also an enterprise of occupation and colonization by the Americans,” he remarked.

Mr Zemmour has long held anti-English attitudes, lamenting the English language’s “unbearable domination” in 2012.

“The issue of other languages is actually posed in a very disingenuous way because the primary concern is the use of English,” Mr Zemmour told RTL.

“Our leaders’ goal is to turn the little Frenchman into an ideal Franco-American, but they are unable to achieve this.

“All of this while the French language is rejected, scorned, and the young generations have a limited vocabulary.”

“Unlike English, which is a simpler language, French was established by elites, which explains its complexity.”

In a YouTube video posted by RTL in 2012, he gives a lecture titled “The terrible condemnation of English,” demonstrating his long-standing antipathy to the language.

Last month, the controversial television personality appeared to ridicule the Queen by sharing a photo of Her Majesty that was taken 28 years ago. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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