Macron’s flag ‘provocation’ reveals ‘contempt’ for the people, according to ‘egotistical’ Macron.


Macron’s flag ‘provocation’ reveals ‘contempt’ for the people, according to ‘egotistical’ Macron.

An MEP claims that EMMANUEL Macron’s “provocative” decision to fly the European Union flag over the Arc de Triomphe is an expression of his “ego” and a sign of his “contempt” for the French people.

Nicolas Bay, the right-wing National Rally party’s general secretary and a supporter of presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, warned that such behavior risked further dividing a society that was already one of Europe’s most eurosceptic.

Mr. Bay was speaking during the week that France assumed the presidency of the European Union’s Council of Ministers (FPEU).

The bloc’s flag was flown proudly on the historic war monument in the heart of Paris to commemorate the occasion.

It was eventually taken down after loud protests from Ms Le Pen and Republicans candidate Valerie Pecresse, despite Minister for European Affairs Clement Beaune insisting it was always the plan to take it down after a few days.

“This provocation is above all an expression of his ego, of his hubris,” Mr Bay told This website.

“The FPEU’s logo already revealed it: He was able to flaunt his initials EM!”

Mr Bay emphasized that all countries used the rotating EU presidency to push their own issues and, despite the limited room for manoeuvre, tried to steer them in the direction that best served their national interests.

“I have a feeling Emmanuel Macron will not do this,” he added.

“He isn’t used to standing up for France’s interests, but he is used to putting himself forward in a systematic manner.”

Mr Bay claimed that the FPEU provided Mr Macron with an opportunity to “put on a show” and “make a big communication operation” in support of his presidential campaign.

“If Macron, who has repeatedly demonstrated his contempt for the people, continues to provoke the French and insult their symbols, they will remember,” he added.

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“Emmanuel Macron is hoping to exploit the divide between patriots and EU supporters.

“He wants to pit large metropolises against the countryside, which benefits economically from globalization.”

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