Macron takes advantage of German uncertainty to take the lead in the EU with a new defense treaty with Greece.


Macron takes advantage of German uncertainty to take the lead in the EU with a new defense treaty with Greece.

EMMANUEL MACRON is seizing the opportunity to become the EU’s new king by sabotaging Angela Merkel’s legacy with a new defense pact with Greece.

On Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron stated that Europe must stop being stupid when it comes to defending its interests and create its own military might, as he signed a 3 billion euro contract with Greece for French frigates.

Earlier this month, France was thrown into an unprecedented diplomatic crisis with the US, Australia, and the UK over a trilateral nuclear security agreement, which scuttled a multibillion-dollar French-designed submarine contract with Canberra.

This has produced a lot of soul-searching in Paris over its old ties.

Macron, speaking for the first time on the subject, used the chance on Tuesday to call for more European autonomy as Washington shifts its focus to China and the Indo-Pacific.

“Stop being so naive, Europeans. We must react and demonstrate that we have the power and capacity to defend ourselves when we are under siege from powers that sometimes harden (their attitude). Not by aggravating the situation, but by defending ourselves “At a press conference with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Macron said.

“This isn’t a replacement for the US-led alliance.

“It’s not a replacement; it’s taking responsibility for the European pillar inside NATO and drawing the conclusion that we’re expected to look after our own security.”

According to The Greek Analyst, an unidentified EU pundit, such an agreement arose from Germany’s inability to secure Greece’s interests against Turkey.

He claimed that because Angela Merkel prioritized German interests over the EU’s and other member states’ safety and defense, Greece no longer sees Germany as an ally.

“Greece’s multibillion-euro defense investment would not be necessary if the German-led EU under Merkel had clearly put its weight behind Greece in the face of Turkey’s continuous attacks in the Eastern Mediterranean, rather than supplying Turkey with military-grade German submarines and designs for new naval Spanish carriers,” he wrote.

The EU is stunned after Merkel’s replacement, Scholz, speaks to the press in English.

“When it comes to Merkel’s stance to Erdogan’s Turkey, Germany has let an aggressor on the EU’s southern edge to terrorize two member nations — and even invade on their sovereignty – not merely facing,” he continued “..


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