Macron stakes his EU army leadership claim, saying, “Only France and the United States can accomplish this.”


Macron stakes his EU army leadership claim, saying, “Only France and the United States can accomplish this.”

After praising his country’s peacekeeping role in Mali and boasting, “Only France and the US can do this,” EMMANUEL Macron has raised fears about the idea of a European army directed by himself.

The French President made the statements during a speech in Paris yesterday, in which he presented an aspirational assessment of France’s role on the international arena. “Over the last four years, we have constructed an exceptional European cooperation base,” Mr Macron said.

“European defense had never progressed so far since the 1950s.

“In terms of huge industrial projects, cooperative operations, both on our own land through building a common culture of involvement, as well as overseas, whether through NATO missions or missions we have formed within the European framework.

“We have also continued to deploy collaborative financial investments, large technical innovation initiatives, and shared projects with other countries, such as Germany, in tomorrow’s priority sectors.”

“Our success is the very proof of our confidence in the future, as well as confidence in this relationship because we have solid support,” Mr Macron continued.

“This is what we’re constructing, a completely new role for our military.”

“In the Sahel, we are in the process of building the framework so France can lead and do what until now only the US could do: being a framework nation that works as a pilot to the entire coalition,” he said, referring to Operation Barkhane, France’s anti-Jihadist military force in the desert region that covers much of west Africa, including Mali.

“It is only because of the power of our forces that we are able to think about this now.

“And this collaboration demonstrates our ability to reignite this ambition.”

Mr Macron, who is already planning his reelection campaign for next year, has already stated his support for a European force.

In an interview with Europe 1 radio station in 2018, Mr Macron slammed then-US President Donald Trump’s decision to remove his country out of a key Cold War-era arms control deal.

“We have to protect ourselves from China, Russia, and even the United States,” he stated.

“Unless we resolve to establish a truly European force, we will not safeguard Europeans.”

Last year, he remarked that Europe needed to be more independent and assertive in the “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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